There has been an increase in sightings for different codes and signs left outside of homes in the UK, which has sparked fear in homeowners that their houses are being targeted by thieves. This method is not isolated to the UK and has also been reported in different countries, but some still debate on whether this is true or just a myth. Regardless of whether it’s true, having a locksmith in Hammersmith check your locks regularly or replace faulty locks in your home is a great way to bolster your home security. Find a professional Hammersmith locksmith to provide you with services so that you can rest assured that your house is safe from burglars.

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400,000 burglary incidents were reported in 2020 despite people being at home most of the time. This meant that there were around 1,100 incidents each day, which is a staggering amount considering that people spent a lot more time in their residences due to lockdown restrictions. And though people are being more vigilant about their homes, burglars have also become more creative and inconspicuous than ever before. In the past, police made public the “Da Pinci List”, which is a list of signs and symbols that burglars use to mark homes. .

These symbols can mean various things, such as “alarmed house”, “previously burgled”, “vulnerable occupant”, or “occupants afraid”. It’s likely that these codes are also used to inform burglars if a house is empty during the day or at night. More recently, the police have warned about the new codes and signs being used in homes. Masking tape in particular has been linked to a rise in new burglary methods. Burglars simply place some tape on a house that they suspect to be empty and return after a few days to see if the tape has been removed. If the tape is still intact, this meant that the house is unoccupied.

To deter any attempts of burglary, having a locksmith in Hammersmith check all your locks is highly recommended. These professionals will be able to determine if a lock needs repairing or outright replacing.

Not only that, but trained locksmiths can also install the latest security equipment like CCTV systems, smart locks for homes, and alarms. These are simple but effective measures that can significantly reduce the odds that your home will get robbed. Statistics show that homes fitted with visible CCTV cameras are 90% less likely to be broken into.

Aside from installing a security system, the authorities also suggest some tips to increase your home’s safety even when you’re away.

Being on good terms with your neighbours can help, as they help keep an eye on your property and even alert you if there is suspicious activity around your house. Getting your locks Kitemarked will also allow you to feel secure in the quality of your locks, and if burglars see this sign and are familiar with it, they may think twice about trying to break them.

Homeowners should always prepare for the worst, so they need to regularly assess and check their houses and locks to reduce the risk of theft.

Reliable and Professional Locksmiths in Hammersmith

Finding a professional locksmith you can trust is important if you want to secure your home from the threat of burglary. A Hammersmith locksmith will not just help you whenever you need to replace a lock; they can also provide recommendations on how to make your home even more secure.

The London Locksmiths Hammersmith is a company that helps residents in the UK increase their home security. We provide a wide range of services that can take your property’s security to the next level, such as CCTV and alarm system installation, lock replacements, and many more.  Moreover, if your home has been previously robbed, we can take care of the necessary repairs and improve your security so that it never happens again.

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