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If you’re locked out or need an issue sorted with your locks, door or the security of your home, contact our friendly and reliable Holborn locksmiths at 02081332166.

We are the foremost locksmith in the Holborn and WC2 area. Our wide variety of services can be carried out within 15 to 30 minutes of the initial call-out.

Our staff is second to none: polite, professional and dependable. Our services are carefully priced to meet your needs with quality solutions at best rates. Our staff will ensure that no unnecessary damage is caused to your home when unlocking doors.

We will never charge you for services that you don’t need and that we will only use quality products when installing locks in your home.

We also don’t charge a call out fee and quoted prices are what you’ll pay!

Our wide knowledge of the locksmith product market means that if you need a more personalized solution, our Holborn locksmith will recommend the right solution for the job. Our locksmiths carry acomplete range of locks and security items, with them at all times. We are happy to tackle any situation 24/7.

In the rare occurrence that our locksmith does not have the appropriate part, a different solution can usually be offered immediately as a result of our distinctive source of suppliers in the area of Holborn. This also is helps us to offer very competitive prices.

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Get in touch with Prime Alert’s 24/7, to see how we can help you with your security issues or lock problems. We guarantee you a stress free experience. Give us a call:

Hiring a locksmith in Holborn

Based in the west of the City of London, Holborn covers a very central location, meaning that it’s a very popular area to work. This can mean that services, including locksmiths, can be pricier. If you need to find a Holborn locksmith at a reasonable rate, search the internet for those that include a price list on their sites. Make sure that you read the small print to ensure that there are no hidden costs. Key cutting services are available within the hardware shops on Kings Way and High Holborn.

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