What Services Can A Locksmith In Wimbledon Provide?

The services of a locksmith in Wimbledon aren’t limited to changing, fixing, or installing locks. Many also offer a wide variety of other specialist services that can be hugely beneficial to home and business owners alike.

Here at The London Locksmiths, you can expect a fast response to any emergency locksmith-related needs. We have a team of expert locksmiths who are all fully trained in dealing with all kinds of locks and modern property security, giving clients the peace of mind of knowing that any issues will be resolved appropriately and skilfully.

The London Locksmiths offer locked-out services, lock fixes and replacements, door and frame repairs, boarding up after a burglary, and more. Aside from unlocking doors and windows, we can also unlock car and bike locks if you need these services.

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We understand that missing keys, issues with locks, and burglary cases in particular can be stressful and frightening experiences. One of our goals as an emergency locksmith Wimbledon-based company is to make you feel safe and at ease in your own home. That’s why we ensure we respond to any emergency locksmith calls as quickly as possible. Once you’ve called us, a member of our team will be with you in as little as 35 minutes.

Once we’re at your property, we’ll take the time to assess the area and take note of every detail we need, to provide you with the best solution to resolving the immediate problem and, if requested, to improve your home security for the future.

After that, our Wimbledon locksmiths will then give you a detailed, commitment-free quote. This quote can be given to your home insurers or your landlord, so together, we’re all working towards providing you with a permanent and safe solution to the issue. We can also install new doors, locks, and frames, as well as advise you on the best measures to upgrade your property’s security.

If you need fast door installation services, our experienced door fitters can install a new door same day. We are a licensed and insured emergency locksmith SW19 company with experts in door installation, both for commercial and residential properties. With our help, you can rest assured that the appropriate locks, doorknobs, hinges, and more will be quickly and securely installed.

We can also ensure broken doors are fixed, if you prefer that to replacing the unit(s). The door is a critical component in any property’s security system. Delaying repairs to your door is only likely to make matters worse: a broken door becomes a prime target for opportunistic intruders looking to break into a building. The potential loss of property and the stress that a break-in causes is simply not worth it.

To give you reassurance about the safety of your own home or workplace, have a broken door fixed ASAP! Our team of professional locksmiths in Wimbledon can meet even the highest standards in door security for our clients. As well as fixing doors, we also offer door maintenance services to help keep your property’s first line of defence in good shape.

When our locksmiths attend a job at your premises, they will clearly explain the scope of our work. The London Locksmiths will ensure that you clearly understand what work needs to be carried out and why; as well as how much it will cost.

We’ll provide you with a full quote for our services so you can make an informed decision as to whether to proceed – ensuring that there are no hidden surprises when the bill comes in.

To get in touch at any time, call us on our 24/7 hotline on 02081332166. Alternatively, email us at info@primealert.co.uk. You can also use the online contact form on our website, at https://www.thelondonlocksmiths.co.uk/contact/, with written enquiries.


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What does a locksmith do?

Professional locksmiths today provide expertise in security for both commercial and residential properties. Some also provide a safe lock service to repair locks and doors for safes and vaults or gain access where that’s the root of the problem. Regardless of the type of locks you have, a good locksmith can open any lock, with or without the original key.

In addition, many reputable locksmiths are also knowledgeable in planning and installing alarm and CCTV systems. This kind of equipment can go a long way to improving your property’s security.

Can a locksmith make a key from a lock?

Yes. To do this, the door lock and key repair service locksmith can either disassemble the lock cylinder and measure the components inside or try to cut and copy a new key based on the lock while it is in place.

Does a locksmith break your lock?

Good locksmiths in SW19 and beyond are aware that clients don’t want to waste money unnecessarily, so the majority won’t break locks unless they absolutely have to. They always aim to repair damage to broken locks in the most cost-effective way possible.

How do locksmiths verify ownership?

Usually, a door lock installation service provider will ask for proof of residence or ownership from you before they begin work on your property or vehicle. Usually, they will accept a valid photo ID, such as a driving licence or a bill that gives the client’s name together with the address of the property.

Things To Do When Hiring A Locksmith

Looking to hire a Wimbledon locksmith? Make sure you do these things:

  • Ask for recommendations. When looking for a locksmith, it’s always best to get a recommendation from people you know, if possible.
  • Request an estimate. Always ask for an estimate before your locksmith starts work. This should include the total cost of replacement parts and labour.
  • Look for insurance. Make sure you hire a locksmith who has insurance, so you are covered in case of accidental damage and the like.

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Benefits Of Working With Local Locksmiths

Below are some of the advantages of hiring a local locksmith Wimbledon business:

  • Reliability. By hiring someone near you, you can expect reliability. This is because local locksmiths are often more mindful than national firms of protecting their reputation within their catchment area.
  • Convenience. With a local residential locksmith service provider, you can often expect a faster service. As they’re based close by, they will be able to come whenever you need their services – especially important if you have trouble late at night, for instance.
  • Better customer service. Local 24-hour locksmiths in Wimbledon understand the challenges of their local area and so can give you better advice on your security needs. As noted, they also tend to work hard to provide the best customer service, because they know how fast word-of-mouth can spread.

Things To Look For When Choosing A Locksmith

what to look for when hiring a locksmith in Wimbledon

Here’s a list of things you should keep in mind when choosing a professional locksmith in Wimbledon:

  • Cutting-edge tools. Nowadays, most doors have more complex or technologically advanced locks, so old tools may not work. It’s important to ensure that you hire a locksmith with complete and up-to-date tools.
  • Affordability. One of the most important things to consider is your budget, so go for a locksmiths that offers the competitive rates for their services without sacrificing quality.
  • 24/7 service. Sometimes, being locked out happens at the most inconvenient time. It’s worth always keeping the number of a 24-hour locksmith in Wimbledon handy. You can then be assured that you’ll have someone reliable to call if something goes wrong, even in the middle of the night.

Get to know our team of professional locksmiths today. Whether you need residential or commercial locksmith services, we’re the best people for the job.


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Wimbledon Chase Railway Station

Located in the London Borough of Merton in South London, Wimbledon Chase Railway Station is one of the primary transport hubs in the area. This railway station is located in Travelcard Zone 3 and has an eight-car platform. It is also served by Thameslink trains on the Sutton Loop line.

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Wimbledon’s tram stop lies within the National Rail Station, and is situated at one end of Platform 10. In the past, this tram stop was utilised for Wimbledon-West Croydon line services by mainline trains. Passengers can reach this tram stop by heading through the railway station’s booking office and passing through the ticket barrier.

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Among London’s underground stations is Wimbledon Park, located on Arthur Road near the junction with Melrose Avenue. It lies in between Wimbledon station and Southfields station on the District line. The Wimbledon Park Tube Station can be found in Travelcard Zone 3, 200 metres to the west of Durnsford Road (A218).