What Does A Locksmith In Canary Wharf Do?

Locksmiths in Canary Wharf are professionals who can open all kinds of door locks, whether it’s your house doors, cars locks, or even bike or shed padlocks. It’s not uncommon to have difficulty locking or unlocking a door, or even to find that you’ve been locked out of your home entirely – and that’s when you’re most likely to hire a locksmith’s services.

As well as fixing locks, locksmiths will also replace old and/or broken locks, installing newer and more secure ones. They can open almost any lock using a range of specialist skills and devices, and most offer a wide range of other services to address lock-related problems, from providing new keys to replace lost ones to gaining access to your car if you’ve locked your keys inside.

Locksmiths not only handle problems with locks on residential properties but on commercial ones as well. Some companies, especially those in the estate and property management business, are more prone to security issues and emergencies than others; tasks here might include replacing tenants’ lost keys, fixing lock mechanisms, unlocking doors and replacing locks when a tenant is evicted, to name just a few.

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The path to becoming a locksmith in Canary Wharf is quite lengthy. It can take years of training before you become a highly-skilled locksmith. Other areas into which locksmiths’ services extend can include opening and changing locks on safes, boarding up broken-into properties, providing solid advice on home or commercial properties’ security, and more.

Locksmiths tend to work in a specific area, with many of them offering 24-hour emergency locksmith Canary Wharf services. They’re aware of the potential dangers and discomforts of problems related to keys, locks, and other security issues, so they are usually willing to provide priority services when you have a problem.

Locksmiths inevitably become highly knowledgeable about the different kinds of locks and security systems, and will know how to employ non-destructive entry methods to access locked spaces.

Some locksmiths in Canary Wharf will also advise on and install all kinds of security grilles and gates to improve home and business security. When they do this, you should expect that they will first carry out a free in-depth site survey; then explain the scope of their work before providing you with recommendations and a personalised quote.

Work with The London Locksmiths

Here at The London Locksmiths, your satisfaction is our highest priority. We are experienced professionals who care about your safety, and our team is ready to help with locking and security issues, 24/7. We have offices in strategic locations throughout Greater London so that we can attend any premises quickly, no matter which area you’re in.

The company has been in operation since 2009, and collectively, our locksmiths and security engineers have many years of experience. This means we have the right knowledge to solve all kinds of lock-related issues.

The London Locksmiths can also provide you with bespoke and cost-effective security solutions that will meet your specific requirements and budget. Whether you own residential or commercial premises, we will advise you on the best security measures for your property.

We offer our services to both residential and commercial customers in the Greater London area, 24/7. Get in touch with our lock smith Canary Wharf team with any enquiries. Our staff will gladly go out of their way to offer you the right solutions.

You can contact our 24-hour locksmiths in Canary Wharf on 02081332166 or email us at info@primealert.co.uk. Alternatively, fill in our online form on the contact page at https://www.thelondonlocksmiths.co.uk/contact/.


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Do locksmiths make keys?

Canary Wharf locksmiths can make different kinds of keys for a variety of locks, so whether you need a duplicate key as a spare or have lost your key entirely and need one making to fit your lock, an experienced locksmith can fulfil your request.

It’s worth noting that if you’re asking a locksmith to make a replacement key for a lock where you do NOT hold an existing copy, you will be asked for some additional information to reassure them that you’re entitled to access the property in question.

Can you open or fix a lock without breaking it?

Yes, a Canary Wharf locksmith will always try to fix and open locks without breaking them. This helps to keep the costs down.

However, if the non-destructive approach doesn’t work, they will be forced to break the lock. Locksmiths will advise on the cost of repair or replacement and gain your agreement before they proceed with any aspect of their work.

How many keys will come with a replacement lock?

Each lock comes with a set of keys that are unique to that unit. On average, you can expect two or three copies of the key with every new lock installed by an experienced locksmith in Canary Wharf.

Will it take long to fix the locks?

The time it will take for locksmiths in E14 to fix or replace a lock will vary based on the type of lock and the type of fault.

A standard Yale lock replacement in Canary Wharf, for instance, will take around 20 to 30 minutes; but a mortice lock is more complex, and so will take around 50 minutes.

How long does it take for an emergency locksmith to arrive?

Professional locksmiths understand that time is of the essence when you’re locked in or out of your house, so they try to respond as fast as they can. Typically, you should expect an emergency locksmith in E14 to arrive at your location within an hour of your call.

Locksmiths’ Tips To Keep Your Home Safe

It’s upsetting to only discover that your property isn’t as secure as you think when it’s too late and there’s already been a breach of your security. There are ways to tighten up your home security and keep it safer for the future.

Below are some of the top tips shared by master locksmiths and security engineers to prevent unwated intrusions:

  1. Have your home security assessed by an expert.
  2. Ensure that you are using the right lock for your home.
  3. Get security products that are well-tested and proven to be reliable.
  4. Make sure you hire services only from licensed locksmiths.
  5. Take your property’s security seriously.

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A Guide To Hiring A Locksmith

It is always worth asking whether a particular locksmith you’re thinking of using is licensed by the Master Locksmiths’ Association (the MLA).

Be aware that a locks specialist in Canary Wharf or elsewhere may have a physical premises, but equally may have mobile premises, serving businesses out of a vehicle.

Of course, most qualified locksmiths will be able to provide you with friendly, expert advice in most areas of the trade and on the most suitable products for your needs – the best type of replacement lock for better security in your home, for instance.

But the term ‘locksmiths’ can cover a wide range of skills and functions. If you need a very particular service, such as vault security assistance, it’s best not to assume that just any locksmith will do. Before you commit to the work, ask the firm or individual whether they have skills in the specific area you’re looking for.

Things A Residential Locksmith Can Do

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Aside from assuring you of your home or business premises’ security against incidents such as burglary and intrusion, a highly trained locksmith can also carry out the following services:

  1. Opening a safe.
  2. Peephole installation.
  3. Replacing mailbox locks.
  4. Window lock repair.
  5. Garage door repairs.
  6. House key making.

A property, safe, or car locksmith in Canary Wharf will offer you unique and essential services to ensure that your belongings are properly secured, with bespoke fitting of alarms and locks.

To learn more about how you can further improve your home security through locks and other safety products, contact The London Locksmiths today!


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