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Prime Alert provides 24 hour emergency Locksmith Services throughout Greater London. We serve many people with emergency locksmith related needs, every day! Be confident that once our skilled emergency locksmiths reach your doorstep, your problems would be taken care of, in the best possible way. Call us now and a fast emergency locksmith will be with you within 35 minutes of your call. We won’t leave you until your peace of mind has been achieved. Find below some of the services that we provide or see here a full list of our services.

24 hour Locksmith Services

Call now for a free quote, consultation and advice:  02081332166

What should you do at an emergency

We have listed below few guidelines to follow when hiring the services of an emergency locksmith in London.

In case you find yourself locked outside of your house or need the service of emergency locksmith due to a lost key, burglary attempt, problem with your locks etc. These tips can help you go conveniently through the process.

Calling for Help

The fastest way to deal with a an emergency that requires a locksmith is to call an emergency London locksmith near you. We’ll be happy to come and help you at any time day or night. On your call to our locksmiths, make sure that you understand the quoted prices and what you are going to be charged for. Also verify with the locksmith the final quote on site before he begins with any works.

Finding a 24 hour locksmith

There are a few factors that makes a good emergency locksmith.

In case you do not know any locksmith through friends or relatives, you can check on local emergency locksmith companies from public review sites. Many such websites like “Yellow pages”, “All in London”, etc. share their recommendations from experts and common users about different emergency locksmith companies. After short-listing few companies, you may want to check their availability. An ideal locksmith should be local to you and offer 24 hour assistance all year round.

Wait time must be one of the most important matters when it is an emergency. And so as availability. We make sure to always have an available 24 hour locksmith that could reach your location in just a few minutes.

Choose a company that has been around for years. Our services has been around for nearly a decade and know the importance of a good service experience.

Services Prices

Best Locksmith - Best Value! All of our services are offered at best market prices.
We offer quality products to best meet your needs and your budget!

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Locksmith Near Me

Find a local locksmith near you! Our locksmiths are well located to ensure best proximity to any area in Greater London. Have a locksmith at your place within 20-30 minutes!

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