Having a deadlock has never stopped a thief from attempting to forcing a lock open. You need to fortify and upgrade your lockset and deadlock if you want to secure your entry door. Burglars take the path of least resistance. If you have the most secure door possible, they’ll most likely avoid your home.

Review your door security

The first step towards better security is to evaluate the current door system. Is it easy to kick in or pick the locks? Are you using old hardware when all the homes in your area have upgraded? Consider replacing the deadlock of the exterior doors. Statistics show that most break-ins happen when the front door, back door or garage door is kicked in.

All entry doors must be secured at all times

It might seem obvious, but some people are not conscious about door security at all. You might call a great locksmith in your area to install the best lock system in the world, yet you always leave the doors unlocked when you go to work. It’s like watching a football match, where one team doesn’t have a goalkeeper.

Your insurance policy won’t cover you for a burglary that happens due to your own negligence. If you’re someone who for some reason never remembers to lock the doors, use an autolocking mechanism, whereby the doors automatically lock as you leave the house.

Replace deadlock strike plate

The metal piece where the deadbolt latch secures the door frame is called the strike plate. Its main function is to keep the door shut. Sadly, it won’t protect the door during a forced entry. To secure the door from a forced entry, upgrade to a box strike model with full metal enclosure and longer screws. We advise you to call a locksmith to complete the process, but if you’re doing it yourself, ensure the screw catches the framing by angling it back slightly.

Invest in a solid core door

Solid core is a major feature on most secure doors. They are harder to break or kick in. If you knock on a hollow door, you can easily tell the difference. Hollow doors echo, while solid doors are soundless. Replace entry doors with composite, metal, solid wood core or solid wood doors.

Rekey the lock

When you move into an old building, it’s always a smart idea to enhance security by rekeying the entry lock. Your local locksmith or hardware store usually stocks rekeying kits.

Install a peephole to screen visitors

Not everyone knocking on your door is a friend. You can screen visitors through a wide-angle peephole viewer. It’s easy to install and fits doors up to two inches thick. For better viewing, a security camera covers a wider area.

Install specialised locks

There are special deadlocks that make it difficult for burglars to enter your property. With the exception of sliding doors, you can add deadlocks to most doors. Secured deadlocks don’t have exposed screws and are made from solid metals. For enhanced security, invest in deadlocks. These are locks makes it difficult for burglars to force entry.


When protecting your front door, consider the rest of your home – such as windows and other vulnerable areas. Remove shrubbery and flowery landscaping from door or window areas and install curtains that prevent people on the outside from looking into your home.

For more about how to secure your doors contact an experienced door locksmith in your London area. An experience door locksmith can help you with not only with upgrading door locks but with securing your entire property.

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