Door Installation in London

If you’re tired of creaking doors and considering installing a new one, call The London locksmith for a speedy service that’s both affordable and reliable. You should never ignore a draughty, weak door that can’t secure you against fire or burglary. If your home’s been broken into, waste no time in contacting a reputable door fitter. No matter where you reside in London, we will respond immediately and provide a professional door installation service to meet your specific needs.

Pick from our wide variety of doors that are aesthetically pleasing to you. We will remove and discard your old door and fit in its place one that will stand strong for years to come.

Commercial and Residential Door Installation Specialists in London

We specialise in installing both commercial and residential doors in London. Our team of expert workers can deftly carry out a full reinstallation of your home or office doors, locks, hinges and door-knobs. Whatever type of door designs or styles you require, we always strive to provide great quality. Whether interior or front door, we’ve got you covered.

What Types of Doors do The London Locksmith Install?

We take pride in being able to supply and install an extensive range of doors. Choose from our wide variety of wooden, patio, hardwood and fire doors. If you’re unsure what door best suits your property, we can help you select the right one. We can also advise which security upgrades to opt for, as well as security devices to purchase. Your safety is our priority; therefore, if your chosen door falls short in size (or some other specification), we can customise and process accordingly to meet your preference.

Have you ever been burgled?

A burglary can be very traumatic experience. You can’t help but be jumpy and nervous in your own home thereafter. However, you shouldn’t have to live like this; our experienced door-fitters will conduct a free assessment of your property for signs of break-in points and potential vulnerabilities. We can also install a solid door that complies with all the relevant home insurance safety standards.

Does your old door need a speedy replacement?

When we receive requests for urgent replacement of old doors, the only question we ask is “How soon do you need it?” We can install a new door for you that same day or as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to install an entry door?

Entry doors need to look inviting – even whilst taking the brunt of adverse weather and heavy usage. Their installation can range from £500 to £10,000, depending on materials, brand, type and so on.

How much does it cost to install a new door and frame?

Basic door frames can cost between £45 and £70, though it’s likely you’ll spend up to £400 for the installation. Notably, installing an interior door is usually cheaper than an exterior one.

How much does it cost to install an interior door?

You can replace your old closet or bedroom door for as little as £75. However, be aware that the price of installing a sliding glass door will differ from that of basic wooden doors. It’s not unheard of for homeowners to pay up to £4500 or more for interior door installation.

How much does it cost to have French doors installed?

No doubt, French doors make a home look that bit classier. Besides their beauty, they are also a great option for those who love a bright space, as they allow ample light to enter the home. However, their purchase and installation can cost as much as £10,000, with £2500 considered an average price.

Are sliding glass doors better than French doors?

The frame of a sliding glass door is narrower than that of French doors; as such, more natural light enters the home. Sliding doors are also safer, easier to use, and provide extra space. However, many people choose French doors because of their traditional style.

How much does it cost to install a sliding glass door?

You could spend an average of £1400 to £4000 when installing a sliding glass door; this includes the cost of labour, which ranges from £65 to £120 per hour. Also, the process of fitting a glass door can last for as long as three to seven hours.

How much does it cost to install a security door?

Many people want the sense of safety that a security door brings. Installing a security door in your home could cost anything from £450 to £3500.

How much does it cost to install a double door?

For double doors with sidelights, expect to dig deep into your wallet, as the total cost ranges from £395 to £2000. Double doors made of steel or glass are less expensive; subsequently, you can have them installed for anything between £120 and £950.

How much do bedroom doors cost to install?

Bedroom doors can cost between £120 and £800 to install.

What does it cost to install a storm door?

Depending on the complexity of the project and how long it takes, starting costs will usually range from £65 to £450.

How much does it cost to install Fire Door?

On average, it usually costs around £90 should for the installation of a fire door.

Why is it Important to Invest in a solid Entry Door?

An entry door is one of the first things people see when visiting your house. Suffice to say, first impressions count. Besides, it’s what stands between you and potential intruders, as well as severe weather conditions. If yours isn’t serving its purpose, it’s time to consider investing in a new entry door that’s both sturdy and aesthetically appealing.

40% of UK burglars gain entry through a forced door

Kicking in the front door is a common tactic of thieves who break into people’s homes. For the additional security and safety of your home, fit security devices like Birmingham bars, London bars, high-security British standard locks and other safety accessories that ensure improved door security.

All potential break-in points should be secured

Dust or cobwebs in your keyhole can render it unsafe. Also, don’t leave any metal tools or objects lying around the house, as these can make a thieves’ job even easier. The London Locksmith can fully assess your home to identify any less obvious break-in points.

Protect your entrances with solid wood doors that comply with home insurance safety standards

We provide reliable solid wood doors that meet all the relevant approved locks insurance standards. It’s wise to protect the entrance to your home with products that are British Standard Institute certified.

Get Your Free Home Security Assessment with The London Locksmith

If you need professionals to check the security features in your home, call The London Locksmith for a free assessment. Sometimes, it’s the little things you overlook that end up causing significant security problems. To err on the side of caution, waste no time in calling us for a free security assessment of your property. We always provide accurate and honest analysis.

Our Door Installation Specialists will advise the best course of action

Our well-trained specialists can identify weak doors or security loopholes and give you the best advice on how to fix the problem. Even if money is tight, we’ll help identify quality products within your budget range. We can also save you the stress of scouring housing markets or browsing the internet in frustration for your security needs.

We Dispatch a door expert locksmith for the emergency boarding up of a broken door

If intruders recently broke into your home and damaged your door in the process, you’ll likely need an urgent replacement. Thankfully, we can send an expert locksmith to you immediately. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any such emergencies across London.

Get a door fitter to replace your door the same working day

If you’re based within range of the M25, we will appear at your doorstep in no time to fix your door that very same day. You’ll be amazed at how fast we can be.

Save 10% on any additional door installation

For any additional door installations not flagged up initially, you will get 10% off the price. We truly care about our customer’s convenience and comfort.

Our door fitters are experienced in all matters security

If it concerns door security, leave it to our team of experienced door fitters. We know just the perfect fix and will advise you about which security upgrades or devices are the best option for your property.

High-security British Standard locks

High-security British Standard locks can affect your insurance premiums. For instance, some insurance companies will refuse you cover unless you have British Standard locks in place. Each type of British Standard lock has their own special security features. Subsequently, we can help you select the most suitable lock for your property.

London and Birmingham Bars

A unique type of security device, both London bars and Birmingham bars reinforce your door frames against potential break-ins. With these devices installed, it would be even harder for burglars to succeed in forcing your door open.

Other safety accessories to enhance your door security

For enhanced door security, you can install a sturdier deadbolt lock, fit wide-angle peepholes, as well as acquire strong mortise locks, dummy security cameras, security lights and door cylinders that come with security cards. There are many safety accessories you can install for more effective door security.

Why Choose London Locksmiths for Your Door Installation?

You’ll be making a solid choice you won’t regret. Wherever you’re based in London, you’ll enjoy a speedy professional response and an instant solution. Just knowing that we can speedily attend to any door problems will afford you peace of mind.

24/7 Emergency Door Fitting Service

We strive to respond as quickly as possible once we receive your emergency call. Our service is available round-the-clock, every single day of the week. We understand you might have many other things to attend to and subsequently require door installation as soon as possible.

Experienced door-fitters

Our door-fitters give proper attention to your specific security needs and ensure they provide nothing less than top quality. We offer the best door security advice and handle all necessary tasks efficiently.

Bespoke door solutions

You can select from our wide range of doors, including the style or design that best suits your tastes. We can customise the size or style of any door you choose to match your individual specifications.

Complete reinstallation

You can contact The London Locksmith for a complete reinstallation. We will replace all damaged locks, hinges, doors, door-knobs (or any other part) with only the best quality products.

Emergency board-up repairs of broken doors

Even if you need our services within 30 minutes or less, don’t hesitate to call without prior notice. Our locksmiths are situated across various strategic locations throughout the city. We will respond promptly and get to work straight away.

Remove and discard any old doors

We will remove your old doors and discard them accordingly after the process is complete. We have all the necessary tools to carry out the job efficiently.

Long-standing service record and reputation

In our eight years of trading, we’ve been able to provide bespoke and economical solutions to all our valued customers. Many of our staff are security engineers and professional locksmiths with more than a decade of experience. Our ultimate goal is to meet your requirements within budget, so you’ll be more than satisfied.

Licensed and Insured

It’s goes without saying that you should only hire the services of licensed and insured locksmiths. All the work we undertake falls under a public liability insurance cover worth £2,000,000. We are fully qualified London locksmiths, registered with the UK locksmith association.

Affordable all-inclusive prices

We offer an all-inclusive competitive price for all our locksmith services. You don’t have to pay any call-out charges; if we can’t do the job, your money stays with you. Our locksmith labour charges range from as low as £59, while you can get standard locks for just £20.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We believe in providing nothing short of great value for all our customers.

12-month Door Installation Guarantee

We offer a full one-year guarantee for all locksmith services and products you buy from us. We replace or repair any door we installed that became faulty (within twelve months after installation) free of charge. Rest assured, you won’t suffer any stress, as we provide only the best quality products.

What our Customers are saying About Us

We’re pleased to have satisfied thousands of Londoners over the years. It means the world to us when our customers provide positive feedback about the job we did for them. Many of our customers leave five-star reviews on our website and are very complimentary of our professionalism and services.
To become one of our satisfied customers, talk to us now about your locksmith needs on 02081332166.