Mortise Locks

Mortise Locks

About Mortise Locks

For a long time, Mortise locks have been used to secure London homes and they are quite popular among owners of both modern and old buildings in the UK. Our London locksmith experts often recommend Mortise because of the reliability and durability of the lock’s design.

Mortise locks are popular because they are well known for their ability to stay in ‘active service’ long after they have been installed. Because of its unique design, a Mortise lock can easily be disassembled and put back together again which makes it possible to service it. This is a big plus for some purposes, but perhaps a disadvantage for others.

The word “Mortise” literally means a square hole, and, when it comes to Mortise locks, it refers to a hole created in a door for the purpose of fitting in the lock. Because of this need to create a fitting hole for the lock, a Mortise is preferably installed in doors that are made of wood.

During the last few decades, Chubb has become a market leader that excels at designing and manufacturing Mortise locks for the UK market. Because of the popularity of Mortise locks by Chubb in the UK, many have taken to fondly referring to Mortise locks simply as “Chubb”.

How do Mortise Locks work?

Mortise locks usually come with a non-locking sprung latch that can be operated via a door handle. These type of Mortises are generally referred to as sash locks. The version of a Mortise that doesn’t have a door handle to manipulate is referred to as a ‘Dead Lock‘ and it’s a much simpler mechanism. More often than not, Dead Locks are installed as a secure secondary option to back up a sprung non-deadlocking latch.

Most Mortise locks use levers in their locking mechanism. This is especially true for locks used in London and the rest of the UK – they don’t use cylinders. But the Mortise locks used in the United States have a significantly different structure that includes a keyed cylinder for operating the mechanism’s locking and unlocking.

It has been noticed over time that installing a mortise lock might actually weaken the structural integrity of the wooden door it’s installed into. Nonetheless, the Mortise is regarded as a more versatile and stronger lock option than a typical bored cylindrical lock. This is because the Mortise’s mechanism can accommodate ornate and solid-cast knobs and levers. This is made possible because of its mechanism’s more solid internal engineering and its return spring that’s heavier than most. Another benefit of the Mortise is that it works well with other manufacturers’ accessories and cylinders.

Mortise Lock Design

The design of a Mortise’s lock can either be complicated or simple. It all depends on the size of the door, the material of the door (brass, iron or wood) and the purpose that particular lock has been designed for. Nonetheless, a typical Mortise Lock will have the following components; Lock Body, Handle/Knobs, Through Spindle, Lock Cylinder, and a Strike Plate.

Because of varied options of mortise locks available on the market, you might find it difficult deciding which will be best for your home. Our expert London can help you make sure you make the decision that’ll leave you happy for a long time to come.

What is the history of Mortise Locks?

The oldest lock known to science, more than 4000years old, was found in the Khorsabad palace ruins by archaeologists near Nineveh. This makes it clear that humans across the ages have always felt a need to secure both loved ones and valuables. It is from this rich history of security that the Mortise lock has evolved from.

How much do Mortise Locks cost?

Because of the specialised equipment required to cut the recess the Mortise lock will need to fit into, and other factors such as the specific type of lock requested, the cost of installing a Mortise lock may vary.

But we can assure you get the highest quality lock at the most competitive and honest prices installed by our professional London locksmiths when you work with us.

How secure are Mortise Locks?

Our expert London locksmiths will put in place for you a reliable Mortise lock you can trust. Depending on the level of security you require, we are sure find you a Mortise lock to ease your mind concerning your security.


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