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24 Hour locksmith – North London

Prime Alert locksmith in North London provides 24-hour emergency locksmith service and security solutions. We can deal with any requirements associated with your locks, doors, safes and home / office security.
We deliver unparalleled quality of service standards at discount prices in North London.
If you are looking for a North London locksmith who can help reduce your call-out time, job duration and costs call us now at 02081332166. We’ll be there in 30 minutes.
We cover the whole of North London including nearby suburbs in Greater London.
The teams’ North London locksmith (home) can reach you fast to help with gaining access to your property when you’re locked out, repairing and replacing a lock, board up a door following a burglary or any other task that takes a professional locksmith.
If it’s not an emergency and should you be looking to make an inquiry in writing please visit our contact page.

Locksmith and security services we provide in North London:

 Why Go Prime?
Needing a locksmith can be a quite disturbing experience. Losing one’s keys is bad enough, but having to change the locks because of suspicions or other concerns as an event of a burglary is a downright traumatic event. If you’re looking for a locksmith in North London, hire only the best.
When it comes to our locksmith services North London residents can count on reliable, trustworthy locksmiths right on their doorsteps.
Calling our locksmith will reduce your hassle considerably and shorten the amount of time spent outside if you’re locked out.
We are well equipped with a wide variety of locksmith tools and locks to deal with any given situation.
We’ve seen it all and done it all. Our experienced locksmith and security technicians has many years of experience. They will help you out of even the most awkward situations with appropriate, simple, cost-effective solutions.
North London is a frequent destination to our locksmiths. This means that they are well versed with the area and can also inform you of important changes to your local security related concerns. For Prime Alert Locksmith in is home and we are committed to your satisfaction.
Key Cutting in North London
We get a lot of calls from customer asking us for key duplication call out; if you’re looking to duplicate your keys calling a mobile locksmith would be an expensive option. We recommend people who are calling for such purposes to look for a shoe repair or hardware shop in their local area that provide key cutting services. These shops are much more common than locksmith shops. North London has a lot of key cutting shops North London which are not actual locksmith shops but can help you with getting your keys cut. Look for the nearest main street or a shopping mall in your area could be the place to start. Places in north London where you can get your keys cut on the street will be Holloway Road, Archway rd., Green Lanes and more. These are likely to be a better choice for getting your keys duplicated than paying the  fees you’ll pay a North London locksmith for coming out.