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Lock Changes & Repairs – 24 Hour Service

When lock change is required we’ve got the right solutions for you.

If your lock ceases to work, keys have been lost, or for any reason you may need a lock replacement our experts can address your needs to provide you with the most cost effective and suitable solution. One that will meet both your requirements and budget.

Prime Alert provides emergency lock replacement services around the clock in London and the surrounding counties. One of our fully qualified London locksmiths can arrive at any location to replace your locks in within 30 minutes. Our lock change service is free of call-out charges.

We can change any type of lock. Even locking mechanisms of UPVC doors, Window locks, gate locks, code locks and more.

For emergency lock replacements contact us now on 02081332166. You can also write to us.

Changing locks should be a fast and efficient service. All of our locksmiths carry a wide variety of locks in their vehicles so that when they meet you on site you can choose the lock that suits you most. The professional and friendly members of our team will help you with advise on the best solution for your specific purpose. Once you choose the right lock they will go ahead with fitting it for you.

Whatever the situation, staff members at Prime Alert are sure to know the job well enough to provide you with the best options. They can get you back into your home or office if you’re locked out and perform a quick lock changes. We can also repair and fit different locking mechanisms on doors and windows that demand unusual solutions.

In case of a burglary, besides changing your locks, our locksmiths can also repair a burgled door and provide you with free estimates on extra security such as gates, security grilles, CCTV, alarms, etc…

The locksmiths at Prime Alert has a large stock of every kind of lock available in their vans or with our suppliers. We stock deadlocks (BS3621), UPVC door locks, rim locks, window locks, garage locks, mechanical locks, digital locks, and many many more.

We carry out lock changes or installations to get you the best cost-effective solutions to meet your desires and your home security needs.

Prime Alert’s lock change services available 24 hour, all year round. For more info regarding lock changes and repairs Call Now 020 8226 6006.

Cost of locks

If a lock change is required, it would most probably be possible to estimate the cost over the phone. If you can see the lock, we may ask you for few details such as the lock brand and type to give you as accurate quote as possible. In addition to the cost, we will give an estimate of the time required for a technician to arrive and for the job to be completed. We recommend that you use only insurance-approved BS3621 locks for a lock change of mortice or Sash locks on front house doors. Locks for indoor use can have different levels of security.

You Might Need a Lock Change

You may already require a lock change. It’s all-too-common for locks to not have been properly installed, or for locks to be fitted for the wrong security purpose. Many builders, handymen, and unprofessional locksmiths skimp on this area, with incorrectly-installed locks deserving a place at the top of a deficiency list for home owners. You shouldn’t jeopardise your security because some tradesman made greater cost savings than he deserved. Use a proper locksmith to handle your locks and security matters.

Re-key and Master key

Inside locks are small pins, levers or wafers, which are depressed to the correct level or position by an appropriate key. If the pins or levers are damaged and begin to show signs of wear or do not function properly, the old key will have difficulties operating them and hence would make opening the lock a source of regular hassle: this is when a new key or a lock change are necessary. Making a new key for an existing lock is known as re-keying. Re-keying can be a cheaper solution than replacing your lock with a new one, though it’s generally used when you already have a lock with the same key or have the need for a lock in a master key system to be changed. (E.g. this would be preferable for a landlord who had a hundred locks to deal with).

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