UKLA Registered Locksmiths

UKLA Registered Locksmiths

When hiring a locksmith you want to ensure that they’re competent, have the qualifications to operate as locksmiths, and that they’ve passed a criminal record check. It’s therefore an advantage to hire a member of the UKLA – United Kingdom Locksmiths Association(link to UKLA), which takes part in helping you hire a “verified” locksmith.

Who are the UKLA

The UKLA was established by locksmiths who realized there was a gap in an industry that didn’t have a governing body. Currently there aren’t any government certifications for locksmiths, so anyone having the skills can call themselves a locksmith and set up a company, whether they’re an amateur or a pro whom worked in the business for decades. Where the UKLA plays an important role is that it provides an association certificate that can cover some of the gaps between cons and genuine locksmiths.

The most important validations the association do is having they’re registered locksmith checked for a clean criminal record (all members of the UKLA are screened and passed a criminal record check) and verifying that they do actually work as locksmiths (and aren’t just clamming to be one), by different checks.

While anyone with the proper training can sell locks, and provide installation services, you’ll want to ensure that your hard-earned money is going to a qualified locksmith that you can trust. Currently hiring an association-registered locksmith is the right way to do it in the UK.

Additional Benefits

The UKLA allows your locksmith to keep atop of current locksmith trends and technology by providing a wide range of detailed coursework. It’s easy for a locksmith to sign up to take one of their courses, and enables them to keep up with new security products, so that they can provide their clients with the best locksmith services and products. Courses are provided on site, with the latest technology, allowing locksmiths to learn through practice, rather than through online courses. In the past there was no official way a locksmith could update their skills, except on the job. Being a member of the UKLA is also a great way for a beginner locksmith to obtain the intensive training that they require for today’s market, in order to become a member in good standing. Locksmiths who complete the UKLA course will be awarded the “UK Locksmith Association Certification”. This is one of the only qualifications that a locksmith can obtain in the UK.

Prime Alert locksmith is part of the UKLA. That’s another benefit in our service to give you a confident that you’re hiring the right company to handle the necessary security needs for your home or office.

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