Dog theft is a terrible crime, especially during periods of lockdown when people staying at home hope to spend more time with their pets. Since lockdowns began, reports of dog theft have increased by 170%. One way of preventing this crime is to get a locksmith in Hackney to check the locks on your doors and gates. This way, the professional Hackney locksmith can ensure that there are no routes for thieves to get to your pets and property.

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It was found that most stolen dogs are taken from the garden. Local parks and cars are also high on the list of potential places for thieves to take dogs. Thieves will go the extra mile to get dogs, with reports showing that they will even break the kennel’s padlocks to get to the dog.

The demand for dogs has significantly increased during lockdown, likely due to people seeking some form of companionship as they stay at home. The Kennel Club reported a whopping 168% increase in the search for puppies for sale.

Animal Search UK reported that there was also an increase in dog theft. Thieves either come in the form of organised groups or individuals looking for fast cash. They usually steal female dogs, which they will then use to breed. Some will even steal the dog and then return it for a cash reward, leaving owners frustrated because they have to buy back their pets.

Some pet owners have offered as much as £20,000 for their pets’ return, with some saying that their pets were priceless to them and that no amount of money could cover their worth.

Colin Butcher from The Pet Detectives, a private agency, said that about 12 dogs are stolen every day in the UK. These specialist dog thieves mostly target puppies and breeders, and even steal studs to breed their stock.

Authorities advise to keep pet owners’ homes secure from the outside and to do this as soon as they can. They have to make sure that their driveway gates are secure. If they have motion sensor lights and security cameras, these should be in proper working order to deter burglars from committing a crime.

Getting a locksmith in Hackney to check the integrity of your locks will add to the property’s security as well as your peace of mind. They can find weak areas where locks need to be improved or suggest the latest technology to safeguard your dogs as well as the rest of your property.

In the event that your dog is missing and you suspect that it was stolen, you must act immediately. Report the crime to the police and make sure that you get a crime reference number. If your dog has a microchip implant, tell your provider and notify the local dog warden. You can also utilise social media to help spread the word about your pet.

Many thieves are also using vans with fake RSPCA logos and telling owners that their pets match a missing dog’s description. In response to this, the RSPCA has said that they do not take dogs in that manner.

Home Security Secretary Priti Patel stated that they are currently looking into what measures to take against this type of crime.

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