Best Lock Corporation

About Best Lock Corporation

Best Lock Corporation LogoFounded by Frank E. Best in the 1920s, Best Lock Corporation,(first called Best Universal Co.) used to be situated in Kingston Upon Thames before relocating to Indianapolis in 1938. The company has gone through a number of transformations since it has been founded. It is now a part of the Stanley Black & Decker’s Stanley Security Group where their products are being marketed as Best Access brand.

They are manufacturers of a wide range of security products for different purposes and industries. They sell their products directly to end users giving wholesalers no market access. They are pioneers, innovators and are mostly famous for their small format interchangeable core cylinder which was commissioned by Frank E Best in the 1960s. The interchangeable core cylinder replaced their original removal keying configuration. This replacement secured their position as a key player in the master keying market.

How does Best Access brand work?

The Best Access lock brand offers a wide variety of security solution for different security needs. They have a variety of mechanical locks including cylindrical, mortise and tubular deadbolt.

Their collections also include wireless security solutions. Some of which consist specially made security locks for places like educational institutions and behavioural health institutions.

There is also a range of electromechanical locking solution produced by Best Access lock. They also provide simple security solutions like padlocks and other locking solutions. Some of which can be customisable to meet your need.

Many London businesses testify that these Best Access Brand electronic locks provide greater flexibility. Some would also recommend these to improve your premises’ security. Best Access Brand Design. Their range of products is uniquely styled and designed in different styles and finishes using assorted materials.

Their mechanical locks are famed for interchangeable core which forms the basis for their mechanical locks. The electromechanical products are made by combining the use of traditional mechanical locks with electronics, thus making it easier for users to control their system.

The electronic lock makes access so much easier and customisable to fit the users’ unique needs.

What is the history of Best Access Brand?

Best Access Brand used to be known as the Best Universal Co. formed by Frank E Best. Frank has developed the small format interchangeable core (SFIC) as a solution to a problem he had as the custodian of keys when he was in high school. The SFIC machine built by the Best Universal Co was so sophisticated and far from its time that it was used very well into the 1980s.

The lock products under the Best Access Brand are made with the same innovative drive and problem solving spirit.

How much does BEST cost?

The price for this lock brand differs depending on the kind of lock you seek. You may visit their website or check this list for the price of the BEST lock you seek

How secure are Best Access Brand Locks?

The BEST locks are made observing a very high standard of quality control. They are one of the most secure locks you can find around for any kind of facility. They are quite popular in London and are trusted names in providing security solutions.