EVVA Locks

EVVA Locks

Why EVVA Locks Are Ideal for Your London Property

Are you moving into a new property in London? It is advisable to change the old locks. This guarantees you are the only person with access to that particular apartment or property. For added security, our London Locksmiths recommend an EVVA lock. If you haven’t heard about the Evva security and lock brand, please read on to find out more.

What should you know about EVVA Lock?

For one, EVVA is an acronym. The full meaning is Erfindungs-Versuchs-Verwertungs-Anstalt which means Invention, Experimentation and Application Institute. The company is an Austrian manufacturer of locks.

EVVA specialises in producing a wide range of medium and high security electronic locks, lock cylinders and alarm systems. They are also widely renowned for 3KS and MCS mechanical locking systems which are high security locks.

EVVA’s headquarters is in Austria, and it has branches distributed worldwide including the UK and America.

What is the History of EVVA?

EVVA was founded in 1919 by four engineers. Although at the time, they were unsure about what product the wants to specialise in. At the time, they dabbled in a number of hardware products, until 1937 when they recognised a growing need for security services.

The engineers developed their own cylinder padlock which received a patent. It was EVVA’s first step along the path of security technology. Today, the original idea of EVVA’s brand message still resonates in its corporate philosophy. The company aims to develop and produce innovative product as a core aspect of its vision.

So far, EVVA has filed applications for over 200 national and international patents. This means, for more than 9 decades, EVVA has been synonymous with security technology. Throughout its existence, EVVA has grown from the small company of for engineers to a global icon in the security services industry.

What is the design of the EVVA Lock?

EVVA is popular for its mechanical locking systems;

  • MCS technology
  • 3KS, 3KSplus Locking System

The MCS (Magnetic Code System) provides a triple security via

  • One magnetic and,
  • Two mechanical codings

The cylinder plug consists of 8 rotating magnet rotors with 4 corresponding magnet pills in the key. Each lock and key is unique. The lock is protected by a technology and patent system.

The 3KS and 3KSplus stand out due to its unique, springless operating system. Unlike traditional locking systems, the lock elements move along the key curves and don’t go against the force of the spring.

How does an EVVA Lock work?

MCS technology: If key with the right magnetic coding is placed into the lock, the magnetic rotors rearrange into a locking position. Two control rods are propelled forward through radial tracks for the key to open or lock the door.

How secure is an EVVA Lock?

EVVA is known for its medium and high security locks. Its high MCS and 3KSplus locks provide an impenetrable lock for any door. They also contain modular systems with anti-snap features which are even inaccessible by professionals.

How much does an EVVA lock cost?

The typical EVVA MCS Mortise locks go for £230 – £250 and a Rim Cylinder costs under £200. However other products will vary according on the size and function of the lock.

If you are in London and interested in buying some EVVA locks, please contact us.

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