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About Kaba Locks

Kaba Locks was founded by Franz Bauer in 1862. It has risen from its humble beginnings to become a leading provider of innovative, quality security solutions. The company owes its success to groundbreaking product innovation, smart acquisitions, and a forward-looking strategy. With their headquarters in Rümlang, Switzerland, the company has operating facilities in more than 60 countries.

Kaba Locks Design

Kaba provides a varied selection of quality mechanical digital access control security solutions well suited for home, as well as commercial and industrial applications in London. The brand has models specifically designed for heavy duty use. Such models work perfectly in security sensitive areas with high traffic, especially in institutional, commercial, and industrial environments.

Kaba offers a variety of lock designs that our lock specialists have used to meet the needs of our clients in London. The brand’s cylinder locks with reversible keys are sophisticated and secure, with the keys designed to have neither a top nor bottom, making them convenient to use. Their cylinder locks with serrated keys are both secure and cost effective.  Kaba’s industrial locks are extra solid and are very hard to break. It also offers a range of secure electrical locks and padlocks.  All of their locks featuring an impressive key control system and are incredibly difficult to pick.

What is the History of Kaba?

In 1862, Franz Bauer opened a small locksmith shop and cash register factory in Zurich. Him and another three colleagues worked at the place manufacturing safes. When the company was sold to Leo Bodmer in 1915, he renamed it to Bauer AG, and later in 1934, Fritz Schori invented the first cylinder lock to feature the reversible key. The company patented the lock and named it ‘Kassenbauer’ after the founder. ‘Kassenbauer’ which is German for “maker of cash registers,” becomes ‘Kaba’ when shortened.

From then on, the firm grew from strength to strength and expanded its portfolio by developing new products and technologies. They were also adapting other technologies used in different sectors. The company gradually established itself in Europe and was renamed Kaba Holding AG in 1995, the same year its shares were listed on Zurich’s stock exchange.

Kaba expanded its reach to include North America with its acquisition of Unican Security Systems in 2001.  That’s alongside 3 other brands as part of the merger. Another set of mergers and acquisitions were done in 2006 which saw the company bringing into its fold, a Chinese group, an American company, and a Dutch company. It was announced in 2015 that Kaba would merge with German company. Dorma Holding, with the new company to be named “dormakaba”.

How Much do Kaba Locks Cost in London?

Kaba lock prices differ according to design and model. Kaba mechanical digital combination locks start from about £240 while the Kaba Simplex 7104 SC Lock starts from £107.52.

How Secure are Kaba Locks?

Kaba is particularly known for the innovative, advanced security features that come with their products. The company was presented the gold Award for Security Innovation for its identification technology; RCID, at Security 2008.


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