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Kwikset Locks

About Kwikset Locks

The lock and lockset manufacturer, Kwikset, is an American brand. Kwikset currently manufactures its products out of its facilities in Texas, North Carolina, Denison, Charlotte, and Mexico. The brand also has a manufacturing facility located in China.

It was in 1992, after 40 years of being a market leader manufacturing affordable locksets for homes that Kwikset introduced its much stronger and secure Titan products. The Titan locks were made to satisfy the security needs of high end consumers. Its introduction was followed by an aggressive marketing campaign that cemented Kwikset’s position as a worldwide recognised brand.

Later on in 2007, Kwikset premiered its keyless security technology, SmartScan. Instead of a key, this keyless technology made use of a fingerprint scanner to unlock doors. It didn’t take Kwikset long before they improved on their keyless technology. It’s the when they introduced the Key Control Deadbolt which uses SmartKey rekey technology.

Because of Kwikset’s effective marketing strategy and the reliability of their products, almost every home in the USA has a Kwikset lock on their door. The brand is also very popular among London locksmiths.

Kwikset Lock Design

Kwikset’s history of innovative lock designs includes its patented SmartKey deadbolts, electronically connected home technology, the keyless entry combination locks, Kevo, and a vast range of product styles. Our London locksmiths agree that the door products that come from Kwikset have been consistent in satisfying the needs of London customers. They are simply one of the best in terms of quality, style, and high level of security.

What is the history of Kwikset Locks?

The Kwikset brand was formed in 1946 by Karl Rhinehart and Adolf Schoepe. The introduction of the brand to the world came alongside the introduction of their tubular lock which was also named “Kwikset”. Their tubular lock was named this because of how easy and quick they were to install.

American Hardware Corporation (AHC) acquired the Kwikset brand in 1957, and it turned out to be a beneficial merger because it was during that period that Kwikset first attained the crown of “#1 Manufacturer of Residential Locksets”. In 1964, AHC merged with Emhart Manufacturing Corporation and this amalgamation was later acquired in 1989 by Black & Decker. Black & Decker in turn merged with Stanley Tools in 2010. They had then became the Stanley Black & Decker group.

On the 9th of October, 2012, it was reported in the Wall Street Journal that Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc. were set to acquire the Hardware and Home Improvement Group. An entity which includes Kwikset, from Stanley Black & Decker.

How much do Kwikset Locks cost?

The cheapest brand of lock you can often find in any store is a Kwikset lock. But their newer models that utilize SmartKey cylinders are a little more pricey and yet not unaffordable.

How secure are Kwikset Locks?

Kwikset has been delivering locks with impressive security features to London homeowners that require both maximum and average security. The brand has also made great progress in continuously improving the security features of its products to exceed customers’ expectations and industry standards. Their SmartKey technology is certified by our London to be security efficient. It can help with deterrent bumping and lock picking; The scourge of most locksets.


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