Window locks for home security

Windows are your protection against the outside world. They keep you safe inside while keeping everything else exactly where it should be – all the way out there.

Unfortunately, there will always be people trying to test the efficiency of your windows, which is why it’s essential to have the right type of window locks. One of the biggest threats to home security is a burglar. Most are opportunists and can be discouraged by using some very simple methods. Locking a window is critical as an unlocked one is little different to an open door. Ensuring all locks are visible is a second, as doing so will deter any potential criminal looking for an easy score. If you’re living in an older home, your house may not even have window locks at all or some may have basic window stoppers (that just prevents the window from opening but doesn’t actually provide any real security solution). Over time, the world has changed, so it’s time a more modern approach to security is taken. Besides, most home insurance companies will require proper window locks (key operated) or your house and the goods it contains won’t be covered for theft and burglary.

If you’re worried about it being too difficult a job, don’t be. It’s possible to have locks fitted without upsetting the windows character. The procedure is usually easy to do, quick, and inexpensive. A central cash, a sash stop and a steel bolt can all be used separately, or combined, in order to improve home safety and increase you and your homes protection.


Secure all windows with locks

Types of window locks

Swing Locks

Handle window locks

Snap Locks

Push bolts

Aluminum Window Locks

UPVC Window locks

Wooden Window locks

Sash window stoppers (usually wooden)


Sash wooden window lock Rack bolts for sash windows Simple Window Lock


To find out more about window locks fittings and repairs. See The London locksmiths Home Page for information and advice.

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