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Medeco locks

About Medeco Locks

Medeco locks are highly secure locks. Medeco locks are used in many international government installations, military hospitals, banks, vending machines, homes, offices, and other applications. The company boasts a collection of ten locking systems they insist are environmentally friendly. Over the years, the brand has garnered strong public trust in the reliability of its products.

How do Medeco locks work?

Medeco’s widely trusted security locks feature eCylinder and wireless locking systems. Often found in industrial and government facilities, these locks use unique technology to ensure stolen keys are not copied. They come with extremely solid cylinders that are shatter-proof and impossible to drill through. Medeco deadbolts are sturdy, meaning efforts to kick your door in would be futile. The brand has a line of smart keyless security solutions which permit owners of commercial buildings to change their keys without having to put in new locks.

Medeco locks design

In Medeco’s patented design, for the cylinder to turn, the angled cuts of a key have to raise and rotate the pins within the lock in order to allow a sidebar to drop. These pins have unique chisel-like tips which permit them to be turned by the angled cuts on the key. Along the length of the pin is a slot where the sidebar drops into as soon as the pin is rotated into its appropriate orientation. The pin is allowed 2 different offsets as a result of the off-centre chisel tip. This feature makes the keyway highly secure. Huge master-keyed establishments are attracted to Medeco for their flexibility.

What is the history of Medeco locks?

Founded as a small tool and die shop in Virginia called the Mechanical Development Company, Medeco started by inventing an unusual locking mechanism that used angled key cuts, elevation, and rotation of distinctive pin tumblers to present millions of varied key combinations. As expected, this innovation resulted in a cylinder impervious to nearly all types of attack, creating an unbeaten standard of security. Medeco obtained a patent for its one of a kind key and cylinder design, ensuring the company was the only one licensed to produce locks with the technology. Over time, the company continued to release new secure lock systems, each one better than the last. In 1985, they introduced the Biaxial Locking System. In 1995, KeyMark was released to allow installations that needed solid patented key control while not requiring additional drill and pick resistant features. Later, the electronic arena SiteLine collection products and a number of newer eCylinder technologies followed.

How much do Medeco locks cost?

Medeco locks cost between £20 for lock cylinders and £200 for a switch lock with 8 keys.

How secure are Medeco locks?

Hypothetically, the number of various key combinations Medeco’s Biaxial Locking System allows is over 2 billion – 6 heights, 6 pins, 2 offsets and 3 regional positions. Meanwhile, this does not consider different keyways. Medeco’s unique technology allows for an unprecedented level of security that is foolproof against almost all forms of attack.


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