Mul-T-Lock & Ingersoll

Mul-T-Lock & Ingersoll

The Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll brands are no strangers to the security lock scene. Having established their presence several decades ago, both brands are the darling of many security experts who can’t complete a project without using one or more of its products.

At KC London Locksmiths, we recommend Mul-T-Lock and Ingersoll for our UK customers, especially in London. If you are working on a new build project or considering a security overhaul in your home, this post will help you decide on which locks to install.

What Should You Know About Mul-T-Locks & Ingersoll?

Mul-T-Lock is an Israeli lock manufacturer, and like Union, is another subsidiary of ASSA ABLOY. The company designs, manufactures and sells high-level security locks as well as access control units worldwide. Its range of products are used by businesses, professionals, consumers and institutions.

The Ingersol brand is an American lock company with a much deeper history that dates back to late 1800s New York. The company patented its own special lock design which later went on to become the prototype for subsequent lock products. Over the decades, Ingersoll has opened branches in Willesedon, Ascot, London-Fernbank Road, and Great Tower Street to mention a few.

The Ingersoll Lock is available with the contemporary Mul-T-Lock key registration card and integrator cylinder. Both of them come in either polished chrome or polished brass.

What is the History of Mul-T-Lock & Ingersoll?

Ingersoll was founded in New York City in 1890 by brothers Robert and Charles Ingersoll. They were originally famous for producing a $1 pocket watch which later became known as the Ingersoll Dollar Watch. The dollar watch sold more than 40 million units.

In early 1900, the brothers set up a factory at St. John’s street in Clerkenwell. The company branched into aviation, designing and manufacturing locks for airplanes and jets. In 1944, the iconic 10- lever Ingersoll lock through. Builders and homeowners have in both brands a quality, reliable lock.

How Much Do Mul-T-Lock & Ingersoll Locks Cost?

Due to their high-security systems, both locks may be considered pricier than other standard lock brands. But then, they are built for tough applications. In the long run, they’ll be worth the cost.

While Mul-T-Lock’s Ingersoll cylinders cost about £92, Ingersoll’s Nightlatch Replacement Lock case retails for £90.55. A single Mul-T-Lock cylinder costs about £135.

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