When choosing a locksmith you’re going to find that many change their prices depending on your geographical location. There can be significant differences in cost even within one city. Prices can be higher or lower depending on your particular borough. This holds true in London where those living in the city’s central area can easily incur higher costs than those living in other parts of London.

Locksmith price list should include the rates of standard labor and any parts. See the following link for a locksmith price list.


Tips for Keeping Your Costs Down


Clarify Prices in Advance

Always ask for the price at the time you’re making your first call to the locksmith. Try to get the total figure that you’re expected to pay for the service-call out to your home or business. If the price sounds too high, then call another locksmith. If you cannot verify in advance what the service-call may cost, you might be unprepared for this type of expense once the serviceman is out there giving you his quote for the work to be carried out. Therefore do try to get a even a bulk figure in advance over the phone.

Fixed Rates

While on the phone verify that the rates are fixed. Find out their hourly rates for labor and what the cost would be for the parts or a new lock for example. Locksmiths with no fixed rates can end up giving you an exorbitant bill for unexpected parts or for extra time required to do the job.

Unless it’s an emergency, have your locksmith come out during regular daytime business hours.  Any service call done at night is going to be more expensive. If the locksmith company is telling you on the phone that their rates are fixed throughout the year, day or night, they are most probably not telling the entire truth. Beware because they’ll probably overcharge you in other ways like adding on a call-out charge or asking you to pay some other ridiculous charges.

If you do have a need for an emergency locksmith at night time, but can stay overnight for free, make your service-call in the morning and save some cash.

Be Present While the Locksmith Works

Be there so that you have an understanding as to what is needed to solve the problem and the steps needed to complete the work. Give the locksmith his space to do the job comfortably but at the same time keep an eye on how the work is progressing. If something doesn’t seem right and he’s wasting time or seems to be replacing a part unnecessarily, you’re there to keep him accountable. This is especially true if you’re locked out. You could very well provide some useful information that helps him find an easier solution and thus save time and money.



Lookup your Locksmith First

Use the Internet to search the name of the company you’re considering. Find out in advance what their charges are and read any reviews given by customers regarding their satisfaction with the service. You will know in advance is this company has a good track record for reliability and fair prices. A locksmith company that has good reviews for treating their customers with integrity will more than likely treat you the same way and also offer good rates on a consistent basis.

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