The last thing you want is to be locked out on New Year’s Eve.

It’s the one night of the year that you just want to let your hair down and enjoy the festivities; it doesn’t matter whether that’s partying until the early hours or sharing a more low key evening with family or friends, being locked out is not something you want on the agenda. The main reason you wouldn’t want to lock yourself out that night is that locksmiths in London are not highly available on NYE and if you find one that is, they’d would probably charge a higher rate than usual.

Luckily there are a few easy, practical steps that you can take to ensure that your celebrations aren’t ruined by being locked out on New Year’s Eve; good preparation is extremely important.

Avoid Getting Locked-out Because of Silly Mistakes

When you’re rushing around trying to get yourself or others sorted you’re prone to making more mistakes. And these are mistakes that you wouldn’t usually make (yes, these what we mean the silly ones!).  When you are rushing around you’re much more likely to forget your bag, misplace your keys or close a door behind you when you shouldn’t (like when your keys are still inside on the windowsill – oops!).


Good preparation is extremely important.  Get yourself sorted mentally, try to stay calm and work through what you have to do in a logical, well laid out order.  You can leave your keys with a neighbor or make sure that they are on your person at all times while you’re getting ready. Preparation means you can even stick a key between your mobile phone and it’s case on the back just to make sure the key will definitely be with you when you go out (do it however for this night only as keys tend to get lost when they’re not in a key chain). Another rule is to never keep your keys in a “safe” place outside of the property; thieves often look under mats and flower pots.



There are options available to you from a security perspective which can help you to avoid being locked out on New Year’s Eve.  Security boxes allow you to keep a set of keys outside of your property safely by storing them in a box which is locked using a combination.  Just be sure not to share the combination with anyone else and to install the box in a hidden place from praying eyes.  Here is where you can buy a fairly good key safe box for a reasonable price in the uk.

If you have to take your keys out with you, watch your bag and/or pockets; keep your bag close to you and be mindful of your pockets particularly in very crowded areas. If you take a wallet with you always place it in a front pocket, never in the back one.

And what to do if you do get locked out on New Year’s Eve?

Well, if you unfortunately find yourself locked out on New Year’s Eve then you are going to need the services of a fully accredited and trained locksmith.

Easy right? Well that depends.  In London not every locksmith works on a 24 hour basis and even fewer work 365 days per year including public holidays and popular days/nights like New Year’s Eve.

So you need to find an emergency London locksmith who is available 24/7 365 days per year; we recommend that you save the number of such a person in your mobile phone and keep a hard copy of the number in a wallet, purse or bag.

Hopefully you’ll never need us, but better to be safe than sorry. So if you do feel free to contact us even on the New Year’s eve.

Happy New Year! 🙂

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