When considering keeping our valuables or monies secured, the safest place that comes to mind is a bank’s vault or safety deposit box (mainly because of accountability). This is not a bad idea, but you can’t go running to the bank every morning for day-to-day valuables, such as your jewelries, passport, documents, and so on.

Apart from keeping your valuables at arm’s length, here are some other reasons why you should consider getting a safe:

To Conceal Medications

Each year, lots of children end up in emergency units, because they were exposed to drugs while an adult wasn’t looking. Putting your drugs out of reach (on top of a tall shelf for example) is not the best way to hide them from our children. It’s only a temporary solution.

Save yourself a trip to the hospital by getting a safe today, and save yourself the worry of your infants stumbling on your medications. Plus, safes come with lock combination, so even if the safe is found, it can’t be opened. No code, no access.

To Shield Your Documents from Natural Disaster


Important paper documents such as your passports, wills, birth certificates, and cash are valuables you need regularly. You risk damaging or losing these documents entirely if they’re not housed in a safe.

Safes are designed specifically to resist heat and humidity, so you’re free to relax (if you own a safe) in the advent of fire or flood outbreak.

To Protect Against Burglars

Your safe can’t stop thieves from gaining access to your abode, but it sure can help hide your valuables from plain sight. Wall and floor safes are best known for making a mockery of burglars, as they are hidden in inconspicuous positions known only to the owner.

To Conceal a Fire Arm


We live in the 21st century, where many developed countries issue their citizens the right to own a fire arm. The fact that you’re allowed to own it does not give you the liberty to keep your weapon carelessly lying around your home. By doing so, you risk endangering the life of your kids and those around you. Plus, you don’t want your children to be involved in the next school shooting (parents go to jail for this).

Prevention is better than cure. So obtain a gun safe today to erase the thought of your kids finding the gun in that secret place you think they can’t reach it. Keep in mind that they (our kids) are restless, and will likely stumble on your not-so-secret spot soon enough.

Be aware

In the safe market, the term ‘fireproof’ will be carelessly thrown at you by dealers. These is mere sweet-talk to coerce you into making a purchase, because safes are not fireproof. They are FIRE RESISTANT. What does this mean? It means that safes are built to withstand a certain amount of temperature. However, your documents can be destroyed if under critical temperature.

At best, what you can get is a safe that can withstand heat for longer periods. So, make sure you conduct thorough research on the various types of safes available before parting with your money.

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