Sometimes you just need to take immediate action of repair when your door or frames are damaged. Door and door frames are usually damaged due to a burglary or a break-in. In this article we’ll try to equip you with some useful advice on how to secure your home should you fall victim to such a scenario.

Why to consider UPVC Doors?

UPVC doors are extremely popular due to their durability and locking features.  Cost-wise they are cheaper than a composite door and easier to maintain. Should you need to replace a key for your uPVC door it would also be easier and cheaper to replace a lock with a standard UPVC door lock cylinder than to find the right replacement lock for a composite door. Find more about the Pros and Cons of UPVC doors.

What are UPVC door locking mechanisms?

UPVC doors are made up of a multitude of parts, component and mechanisms; if you’re having locking issues there are some parts that you need to be able to recognize and understand how they operate. Some common UPVC door locking mechanisms parts are the handles, the main multi-point locking mechanism, the back set and the spindle.

Some Common Issues with UPVC door locks

The vast majority of UPVC doors use a multi-point locking mechanism; these are fairly durable but can be costly to replace.  Luckily sometimes the issue is actually the alignment of the door. If the lock can be locked in the open position, the door may just need to be realigned. If you get a locking issue with your UPVC door first check the hinges, tighten any loose screws and try to align any parts that seems out of place.


Fixing a UPVC door locking Mechanism

If it’s not the alignment, the issue may be with a component of the

multi-point lock mechanism. If the cylinder still rotates but the locking bolts are not engaging, then the cylinder is probably broken. If there seems to be a different issue with the lock while door is open, you may need to replace the gearbox of the lock. To do this, remove the original gearbox by unscrewing the fixing screws on the metal strip on the side of the door. Take out the gearbox and fit the new gearbox ensuring that the metal sliders fit into the gearbox itself. Then re-apply the fixing screws.

Glazing Issues

If the issue is one with the glazing, we recommend that you contact a suitable qualified glazier.  The glass in UPVC doors can be complex to fit

and if there is broken glass (if you’ve been burgled for example) an experienced tradesman is a must as you don’t want to end up injured on top of everything else!

How to deal with UPVC door problems you can’t fix by yourself?

Sometimes the repair of UPVC doors is beyond the average homeowner; complex issues or extreme damage caused by breaking and entering should be assessed and repaired by a trained emergency locksmith.  There is a number of emergency locksmiths in London, that specialize in UPVC door locking issues and provide a 24 hour call-out service.  Temporary repairs may be appropriate if the locksmith cannot gain full access to the mechanisms (if it’s dark for example) or if they need to order a part in.
Reputable UPVC door lock specialists would normally have access to all of the necessary component parts to properly secure your home. So if you are in any doubt, you should probably call one out.

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