Lots of houses have uPVC doors installed, but are they really the best option for your needs? Here we examine reasons of why you should or shouldn’t be installing uPVC doors; hopefully this will help you to make the right choice.

Upvc doors and windows

The Pros

1. uPVC doors are highly weather resistant; it is non-porous which means that rain and other types of precipitation will not soak into it, damaging it

2. uPVC is actually environmentally friendly; they last longer than other types of door and can be recycled when they do eventually need to be changed

3. Low Maintenance. uPVC doors require very little maintenance; a quick clean once in a while (usually they are wide clean) and some lubricating of the locking mechanism is all that’s required, no painting, staining or weather proofing is required.

4. Durability. uPVC doors won’t change shape or warp over time; they maintain their structural integrity and look of newness over time. Wood can warp; uPVC won’t.

5. Lifespan. uPVC can last up to 35 years depending on the quality of the material and the standard of the installation and fittings. Reputable companies offer long guarantees too; often up to fifteen years in some cases.

The Cons

1. The look. uPVC has a certain look and that can be seen as a little uniform; you aren’t going to look particularly different to all of the other houses out there with uPVC doors. You tend to have fewer design options that with wood and composite doors.

2. uPVC is cheap. Why is this a con? I hear you say! Well because uPVC can cheapen the look of an older house which has character and period pieces.

3. Production. Whilst it is environmentally friendly to have in place, uPVC is hazardous to the environment to produce and, if not recycled, to destroy. You need to be assured that you have sourced an ethical supplier/installer and that the proper precautions are taken when disposing of your uPVC doors.

4. Discoloration. Particularly with cheaper models, discoloration can happen over time; you can’t fix this, it’s just your uPVC door nearing the end of its lifespan.

5. Are they unsustainable? uPVC is made from oil, and whilst you can always grow more trees it is theorized that oil is finite and will one day run out.

The choice is yours!

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