Nobody likes getting locked out of their property; it’s a hugely frustrating inconvenience that leaves you feeling powerless and angry.

That said, there are places that are better than others to be locked out in; maybe you’re by a nice beach, or near to a lovely coffee shop; these sorts of things can certain ease the pangs of frustration of being locked out.

London is a big place with a wide variety of suburbs and varied demographics. There is one thing for sure however; wherever it is that you live, it’s not a great place to find yourself locked out! Let’s examine why.


The Weather

Its sod’s law isn’t it? You can guarantee that that the day that you find yourself locked out is the coldest day of the year with gale force winds and sheet rain or heavy snowfall. The weather can certainly be changeable in London and highly unpredictable at times; this is reason enough not to get locked out in London!


London is an Expensive Place

London is certainly the most expensive place to live in Great Britain; the cost of living, products and services is high. For this reason alone, being locked out is going to cost you more; It’s not only the cost of an emergency locksmith (link to prices page) you might pay the fees for, but also for whatever you decide to do to pass the time of being locked out. While getting locked out some people prefer to stay in a hotel for the night thinking that a non emergency locksmith would save them a few bucks. The truth is that staying in paid accommodation for the night would not be cheaper than calling a locksmith and the costs of an emergency locksmith would be pretty much similar whether its day or night. If you already decided to contact a London locksmith you might want to find out how you could save on your locksmith service costs.


What to do when you’re Locked Out in London

In short: call an emergency locksmith! Don’t try too many ways by yourself, some may be useful while others could cause damages that will take more time and money to repair. Get a local professional to resolve the issue. Also try to avoid calling a national provider; often you just get through to a call centre and deal with individuals who have no knowledge of the area. While you wait for the locksmith to attend your property you can grab a cup of coffee around the corner and know that everything is going to be just fine.

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