Hopefully, you aren’t reading this stranded outside of your home, car or office.

Even if you are, this might help to you understand a bit more about how much it would cost to call a locksmith when you are locked out.

The cost of a lockout locksmith will vary depending on a host of factors, including the particular service you require and their industry experience. You could choose to go with an inexperienced locksmith. This might seem like a service at a lower price, but can end up costing you more money further down the road. An inexperienced locksmith who does a shoddy job may damage your locks, and subsequently expose you to potential theft. So, when it comes to pricing for locksmith services, make sure you hire the right locksmith.

What factors determine the average lockout locksmith price?

Before billing you, locksmiths will take certain factors into consideration, such as:

Travel distance

In many cases, there is a standard fee for service calls. However, this amount is subject to change. The distance they will have to travel will play a part in determining the price of the overall service. For instance, if you are stranded far away and a locksmith has to travel further than normal, you can expect to be charged higher than if your lockout occurs someplace close to the locksmith’s premises. In other cases (like key cutting), no travelling may be required on the locksmith’s part, and will therefore not be a determining factor.

Level of service

The level of difficulty of the service you need should also be factored in when determining how much the average lockout locksmith would charge. Locksmiths provide a wide range of services. Some of which are more difficult than the others. As a layperson, it might be difficult for you to appreciate which services are more complex than others. Therefore, it might help to contact a locksmith first. You can explain exactly what you need beforehand to get an idea of how much it will likely cost.

Parts needed for the job

The cost of service also depends on whether or not parts will be required for the job. If you need help with a broken key stuck in a lock, chances are you will have to replace both lock and key. In such a case, the new components should be factored into pricing. Don’t forget, you can also cut out the need for extra cost by buying the parts you need at a hardware store.

Cost of labour

The cost of labour cannot be overlooked when trying to determine how much a locksmith costs. Each service has its own requirements, especially in terms of complexity and length of time it takes to complete a job. So, you cannot generalise the cost of labour and expect it to be the same for any kind of lockout service.

Duration of service

The price you’ll pay for lockout services is directly proportional to the amount of time the job will take to be completed. A job that takes three to four hours to finish will be more expensive than one that a locksmith can complete in a matter of minutes. For instance, the amount you’ll pay to get a high security lock drilled open will differ from the cost tounlock a door non-destructively. Simply because the latter will take a longer time to complete.

How Much Does a Locksmith Cost?

Now you know that the average price you’ll pay is set by a number of factors, you’ll need to take the base price into consideration to determine the total cost. The base price here refers to the minimal amount you’ll have to pay for each service. Here are some common lockout examples and how much you can expect to pay for a locksmith service.

House Lockout Services

A house lockout is an extremely common occurrence. You probably also know someone who has been locked out of their house before. Locksmiths deal with this type of lockout on a consistent basis, and the cost of the service typically starts at £55 on the low end. Sometimes, the cost for this job may increase, depending on the type of lock you have, if you also require a lock change, etc.

Car Lockout Services

Generally, the base price for a car lockout starts at £50 and can increase from there. The amount to be paid usually depends on the locksmith and your own lockout situation. The cost in case you’ve lost your keys and need a new would typically be higher than if simply have locked keys in the boot. The price will also depend on the type of vehicle, make and model.

Broken Key Extraction

This type of service may be viewed by some locksmiths as two jobs in one. This is because extracting a broken key means you’ll need to have new keys made (if you don’t have a spare one) and to unlock the door. If you’re lucky, you may only need your key extracted. The cost for a broken key extraction service tends to begin at £50.

Residential Safe Lockouts

More people now have safes in their homes, which they use to guard and secure different types of valuables. Unfortunately, just like almost any other lock, safe lockouts can occur. This could be as a result of damage to the locking mechanism, or due to losing your keys. If you’ve experienced a safe lockout in your home or office, you’ll require the services of a safes locksmith. The cost of handling a safe lockout starts at £80for a small safe and may increase, depending on the nature of the lockout and the model of the safe.

Office Lockouts

Similar to residential house lockouts, office lockouts are quite common. Whether you forgot your keys, or your locks became damaged for whatever reason, a locksmith can easily help you regain entry into your workplace. Office lockout services are generally priced at £55, but the amount will vary, based on the number of locks you need to be opened, and the level of complexity involved.

When dealing with locksmiths, it pays to have an open mind. Prices are hardly ever fixed, because of the numerous factors that determine overall cost. Keep this in mind when trying to determine just how much you’ll pay for a lockout locksmith’s help.

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