Dead bolt

About Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks, also referred to as dead locks, are very different from typical spring bolt locks. The deadbolt is a lock that cannot be opened unless its opening mechanism is triggered by using the right key to turn the lock cylinder. This is very much unlike a spring bolt lock that holds its locking bolt in place with the aid of a spring.

Because of its non-use of a spring, a deadbolt is tougher to break into or force open. Without the correct key to match the deadbolt’s lock, gaining entry is quite difficult.

Because of the strength of Deadbolts, our London locksmith experts usually recommend using a deadbolt lock to complement an already installed spring-bolt lock. The combination of both locks is sure to provide better security to your London abode.

There is no doubt that the deadbolt lock is strong and a good way to ensure the security of your London premises, but it is not invincible. Nonetheless, it offers more resistance to burglars than most other locks you can possibly find on the London market.

How do Deadbolt Locks work?

The locking mechanism of a deadbolt is operated by turning a key or a knob without the aid of a spring. That is, unlike most other locks, the deadbolt’s engine doesn’t make use of a spring to open or lock.

Because the lock is not dependent on a fragile spring, it’s more difficult to damage or jimmy. Deadbolts are also very popular for their strength at resisting brute force entries and are thus a common sight as part of a London home’s security.

How tough and effective your deadbolt will be in securing your home is usually determined by the skill of the locksmith installing it, the quality of your door and the deadbolt’s quality. To ensure your security and ease of mind, our expert London locksmiths will never recommend to you a deadbolt of inferior equality.

Not only that, the expertise of our lock specialists will ensure that the installation of your lock is solid, fault free and dependable.

Deadbolt Lock Design

There are various types of deadbolt designs available. The most common ones are the Single cylinder, the Double cylinder, the One Sided cylinder deadbolt with exterior rim, and the One Sided deadbolt without exterior rim.

The level of security your London premises requires is what will determine which of the above mentioned deadbolts will best satisfy your needs. You also need to ensure that the following essential parts that make up a deadbolt are included; its strike, its core, its outer rim and also its inner rim.

What is the history of Deadbolt Locks?

The first deadbolt ever made was also known as a “jimmy-proof lock”. It’s said to have been originally invented by a former police officer by the name of Samuel Segal. This former police officer would go on to be the founder of Segal Lock & Hardware Company in 1912.

Mr Segal’s jimmy proof lock was designed at the time to keep out a generation of burglars who had mastered the art of jimmying locks.

How much do Deadbolt Locks cost?

If you are looking for a cost effective and reliable way to deter a break-in from your London apartment, our locksmith specialists will normally recommend supporting your security system with a Deadbolt Lock. And our locksmith’s will always advice that you never compromise your security by opting for a cheaper deadbolt. Cheaper deadbolts are usually easier to pick, and their bolts are usually weaker due to their lower quality.

How secure are Deadbolt Locks?

In our experience as locksmiths installing security systems in London, we’ve concluded that Deadbolts are actually more secure than most spring locks. This is because the specially engineered locking mechanism of a deadbolt provides your abode better protection against most forms of forceful break-ins. Unlike standard locks, deadbolts are way more difficult to force open with a crowbar, or by using a knife or false key to jimmy the lock. Also, the amount of time and energy it will take to force open a deadbolt is usually enough of a deterrent to scare away a would-be intruder.

The most common brands of trusted deadbolts you can find on the market are Schlage, Kwikset, Yale Security, Code-a-key, LockState, and Master Lock.