Doors locks are an important part of security for home properties. There are a number of reasons why door locks are vital to our homes. One of which is to prevent other people gaining entry to the property without our permission. Furthermore, without adequate door locks, home insurance policies could be void. This means, if you are the unfortunate victim of a burglary, you may not be able to claim on your insurance in the same way you would have been able to, with door locks in place. Go through your home insurance policy and find the section that speaks about your home security, locks and doors. Most of the times the requirements will be related to higher degree security products that must be installed before your home can be covered under the policy. These can be products like BS standard locks, additional locks for patio doors, external UPVC door locks, window locks, extra door features like London bar, etc.

Is rim lock not enough for my home security?

It’s usually recommended for people that have only a rim lock installed on their door to add a solid deadlock. Many, newly built properties, come with both a lockable rim lock set and a deadlock as standard. There are also a number of new properties that come with a deadlock on the door and a knob that does not have a locking mechanism.

Having a lockable rim lock in conjunction with a deadlock, can provide a bit of added security. The fact that a deadlock has to be looked from the outside, means the risk of being locked out of your property is not increased with an additional deadlock in place either.

It’s highly recommended that you have a deadlock on the door of your property. There are two, different versions of deadlocks to choose from. The premier choice for doors that have glass windows is the double deadlock which operates by key and key, rather then key and turn. This will act as an extra deterrent to a burglar, as anyone who breaks the glass, will still be unable to unlock the door without a key, even from the inside. If you are unsure about installing a key and key deadlock yourself, hire a professional to complete the job for you.

There is also the option of a deadbolt with a turn thumb on the inside of the door and these are fine for doors without windows. However, deadbolt locks can still be vulnerable to attacks using different methods, such as drilling or peaking. High security locks, which are more expensive than deadlocks, are made of tougher metal. This makes them less liable to be successfully opened.


Take the advice of a qualified trades-person

If you are in anyway unsure about the security of your home, contact a professional locksmith. A qualified locksmith can come out for an on site consultation. You can then act upon the advice given or make further considerations. Taking a locksmith’s advice can ensure that your property is safe while at the same time meets your desired standards of security. Find out more about hiring the right locksmith for your project.

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