A lockset or door lock is the hardware of a locking mechanism on a door, divider or hinged object. When choosing a lockset, the first consideration is the security of the door locks. Doors without the right lock are a temptation for burglars. Consequently, they will attempt to break your lock or force the door open.

When most people walk into a locksmith shop, they have no clue how to choose the right type of lockset for their home or office security. Locks are graded into three industry standards.

How to choose a lockset

  • Check for grading

Grade 1 locks provide the highest durability and functionality. You’ll mostly find them on commercial doors.

Grade 2 locks are for residential homes and provide excellent security. Examples include apartment doors and entry glass doors.

Grade 3 locks are also for residential homes, but are located in areas of the home where only minimum security is required, such as bathrooms.

  • Check for function

Entry lockset function

You’ll find this lock in many homes and offices. You can manually lock the door through the small inside button of the lever. It uses a key to open/close the latch when the outside lever is locked. Common areas of use include the front and back doors of residential homes.

Privacy lock function

The security engineering of this door lock is designed for optimum privacy. Unless the outside button is locked on the inside, the inside and outside levers retract the latch bolt. You can also retract the latch bolt with an emergency key.

Storeroom lockset function

For crime prevention, this lock requires a key each time a person wants to open it. You can’t leave the door open and there’s no button on the inside. It’s ideal for supply closets and commercial buildings where sensitive data is kept. The security technology ensures the doors stay locked when closed.

Classroom lockset function

These are locks used in classroom doors. The outside lever has to be unlocked or locked with a key. It does have an inside button, but it can be left open using the key.

Passage locksets

These locks aren’t actually lockset, because they don’t lock. It’s common on pantry or closet doors, where privacy is not a concern. The latch can be retracted from the outside and inside levers at anytime.

  • Consider the type of lockset you need

Rim Locks

When you contact a locksmith to ask advice about the type of lockset to buy for your front door, many will recommend rim locks as basic security. The range of this product is extensive and combined with a metal or solid door,proves harder for burglars to break into your home. Look for high security rim locks with a solid metal strike plate and those with pins on the inside that move.

Mortice locks

Products in this category are used on external doors. The components include an internal system that provides additional security than that of the average lock. These locksets have a cylindrical body, which comes in various lengths and heights for different doors.

Mortice dead locks, also known as deadbolt locks are of the most secure type of residential door locks.

Knob locks

These are the most common type of lock products on most doors. Instead of the door, the lock cylinder is in the knob. Use them on bedroom doors instead of entry doors, as they can easily be broken into.


Now that you know the grades of lockset, function and type, it’s easier to make an informed decision about which locksmithing technology provides safety for your home. Alternatively, your local locksmith could help you pick hardware and lock design accessories that compliment your home.

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