Having your door or a device you need locked without being able to access it is never fun. Well, at least not if you need it unlocked when you’re in rush and don’t have a clue on how to get it open. And specially not cool of you’re going to have to break your piggy bank in order to pay for a locksmith to do it for you.

Nevertheless, if it’s not you who is being locked out and if we for a moment take a look at the bright side of things, in this post we’re going to deliver some insights on the awesome part of lockouts and some interesting ways of how to unlock stuff.

Most of these methods you should try at home! So feel free to explore and enjoy the content but when it comes to actually opening your lock, door, safe or treasure box, consider calling a locksmith (well, a most reliable locksmith in case of the treasure box).

Fast Method to Unlocking Doors

Opening a door in a quick an silent matter has always been a goal of any locksmith when they arrive at a client’s property in the middle of the night. The neighbors are already sleeping and the last thing you’d want is to be noisy and take a long time until access is gained. Well, it seems to be a concern of other bodies too. This innovative tool offers to open doors at an emergency and is aimed to serve army, fire brigade and police forces when quick access is required. It is not really used by locksmiths as it completely ruins the door and locking mechanism. But surely provide an ultimate solution for rescue and military purposes.


Removing Bike Locks

In London the most used locks for bikes are D locks and Chains with pad locks. Most familiar manufacturers of these types of locks are Kryptonite and Abus. Most cases when you need your bike lock unlocked are derived from situation of lock malfunctioning. Keys often get broken inside the lock or just won’t open it anymore. Locksmiths get this a lot and there’s nothing you can really do besides removing the lock.

To cut off the lock you can sometimes use a bolt cutter but in some other situations and especially  with D locks, that won’t work. If you happen to have a mobile grinder to hand and know how to use it, that’s something you can try. Remember to always put on protective gloves and suitable eye wear. If you don’t have all of these  you must call a local locksmith and have them deal with removing the lock for you.

The charges for removing a bike lock, D lock or a chain shouldn’t cost more than £50-70 if you’re living in a borough of London. A 24 hour locksmith should be able to reach you within the hour and sort it out easily so please don’t take a risk of doing anything risky if you’re not 100% familiar with how to open these locks. Some people think it’s easy and use screw drivers or all types of sharp object ending up harming themselves. So calling a specialist like a mobile locksmith is really your best option in that case.


Safe Unlocking Method

Seal, Fill, Explode – The hard-core way to open large safes. When we said some unlocking methods you shouldn’t try at home this is what we referred to. Interesting enough though to see how strong can water become when you use it to create pressure.



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