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About ABUS

ABUS stands for August Bremicker Sohne KG, which is a German company known for manufacturing quality security solutions for a wide variety of applications. Chosen for their durability and ease of use, their products are widely used for private and commercial purposes in London. Their range of products includes a wide array of innovative solutions for mobile, home, and commercial security.

The leading innovator in the security industry is focused on protecting the life and valuables of users worldwide and has developed electronic and mechanical solutions to achieve this aim. Based in Wetter-Volmarstein, Germany, and with a global distribution of around 3,500 employees, the company has two other subsidiaries, ABUS Security-Center GmbH & Co. KG and ABUS Pfaffenhaim GmbH.

ABUS locks Design

ABUS manufactures quality German-engineered weatherproof padlocks that won’t be affected by the changing seasons and will never rust. Developing and implementing a combination of innovative concepts and premium materials, the security brand has grown from its standard cylinder lock design to the more advanced access control entry. A favourite among locksmiths in London, their basic cylinder lock design proves to be highly resistant to breaking, drilling and pulling. The cylinder locks are manufactured with a stainless steel core designed to provide flexibility and security with modular reversible key systems. The stainless steel core features a stainless steel bar and an exceedingly resilient stainless steel drill protection piece.

What is the history of ABUS?

The now global brand has its humble beginnings in the cellar of August Bremicker’s home in the small village of Volmarstein, Germany. The year was 1924 and with his sons, Bremicker started producing padlocks with the aim of providing ‘security built on quality’. Through the 9 decades of the company’s existence, they have developed a company culture slated towards creating reliable security solutions through the principles of innovative ideas, tireless efforts, and expert knowledge of development, production and sales. Even after losing a large chunk of its workforce during the World War II, the company bounced back in 1947 with a staff strength of 70. Later in 2001, the company entered into video surveillance when it acquired an Augsburg-based security company.

How much do ABUS locks cost?

While the Abus 410 Ultra U-Lock costs around £23, the Abus 155 Series Combination Padlock is priced at £6.31.

How secure are ABUS locks?

Over the years, ABUS security solutions have been recognised by locksmiths in London for being highly resilient and tough to penetrate. Their Vitess locking system provides a unique and ultra-secure combination of unlimited trademark protection, patent protection, and the highest technical key copy protection. The Intop system and curved 3D paracentric profile provide the ultimate protection from lock picking. The ABUS Granit range of padlocks is preferred in London for their strength and durability. With a tensile resistance of more than 6 tons, they are constructed with quality materials and given a meticulous finishing.


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