Corbin Russwin Locks

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corbin russwinSecurity is always a major concern for any property owner. Whether at your home or office, it is always important. At The London Locksmiths here in London, we have reliable high-security locks directly from the manufacturers. One of such locks is the Corbin Russwin.

How much do you know about the Corbin Russwin Lock?

Corbin Russwin is an American lock manufacturing company. It specialises in low and medium security padlocks and lock cylinders. However, they also produce a series of high-security locks. The company is a merger of the older Corbin and Russwin brand, both of which were renowned for manufacturing pin-tumbler lock designs.

Today, Corbin Russwin is owned by ASSA ABLOY, a leading player in the global lock industry. It is one of the 20 brands sold by the ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions, the American arm of ASSA ABLOY. The parent company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with more than 150 companies operating in over 40 countries.

The History of Corbin Russwin Lock

Founded in 1939, Corbin Russwin is a premier manufacturer of top-quality commercial grade hardware. It products are aimed at institutional and commercial facilities. The company produces ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 mortise locks, exit devices, cylindrical locks, door control, electromechanical and access entry control and other high security key systems.

The company was founded by Henry Russell and Cornelius Erwin who started by manufacturing plate locks. The merged with P. and F. Corbin in 1902 to become The American Hardware Corporation.

Following a series of acquisitions, American Hardware was bought by the Emhart Corporation in 1964, until years later when they were acquired by Black and Decker. The company merged the Corbin and Russwin brands to form Corbin Russwin. The brand is known today as a first-rate manufacturer of quality high-security locks.

What is the Design of the Corbin Russwin Lock?

The design of the Corbin Russwin lock varies across it range of security products. However, a typical CL3300 series is a Grade 1 cylindrical lockset built with the highest quality material for resilience, durability and smooth operation.

It is available in all standard architectural qualities and four lever designs. The CL3300 series delicately complements any heavy-use industrial, institutional and commercial application. The CL3352 Classroom Intruder feature is the ideal solution for classroom security. It is a double cylinderical lockset that allows you lock the outside lever from any side of the door.

How does Corbin Russwin cylindrical Lock work?

The CL3300 series has been designed to meet the increased security needs of today. All functions have the Lever ReleaseTM design for resistance to vandals. It works by allowing the outside lever rotate when in the locked position.

How secure are Corbin Russwin locks?

All the CL3300 series including the CL33900 series come in the Corbin Russwin Pyramid original security or high security cylinders- the most secure locking machination available. The Pyramid is particularly recommended.

How much do Corbin Russwin locks cost?

The cost of the lock depends on the type and security-level. Standard padlocks may cost between £50 – £150 depending on their size and use, while whole secure door locks and security systems may range from £450 – £1000 per unit.

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