Lever Tumbler Locks

What is a Lever Tumbler Lock

Lever Tumbler Lock The Lever Tumbler Lock gets its name from its use of levers to restrict its bolt from being moved within the locking mechanism. In the most basic form of a lever tumbler lock, the tumbler being raised to a certain height will create enough room for the bolt to slide past. Simply put, when a corresponding key enters the mechanism, the bolt is released and moves the levers to a height that’ll allow the door to unlock.

The number of levers in a Lever Tumbler Lock can differ from lock to lock, but more often than not, it’s an odd number. This is because lever tumblers can be opened from both the inside and outside of a door, and for this to work, the symmetry afforded by the odd number of levers is needed. Also, the more the levers, the more the security assured by a Lever Tumbler.

Lever Tumblers in certain circles are often referred to as Lever Mortice Deadlocks or Sashlocks.

How do Lever Tumbler Locks work?

Using a Lever Tumbler Lock involves manipulating a sequence of levers. These levers are typically 3-5 in number and they need to be pushed to an adequate height before the bolt can be released.

Keys used for Lever Tumblers are usually bitted so that they can push the levers to a position that’ll open the locked door.

Lever Tumbler Locks Design

For this lock to be opened, the key inserted into the lock has to lift each lever to a minimum height before the locking bolt will move. But the number of levers that need to be lifted depends on the design of a specific Lever Tumbler. Below are examples of different designs with different number of levers

3 Lever Locks: A common lever lock that’s mostly used only where minimum security is required.

5 Lever Locks: Our expert London locksmiths usually recommend this variation to our London clients who are keen on keeping their security a top priority. For insurance purposes, the installation of the current British Standard of this lock (BS3621:2007) is usually required. This is because most BS3621 locks come with anti-lock picking installations, and also have anti-drill plates and hardened bolts to protect the locking mechanism from brute force attacks.

Who Invited The Lever Tumbler Lock?

Robert Barron created the Double Acting Lever Lock in 1778. It utilised multiple levers instead of just two which was the previous standard. The reason why the locks were previously limited to only two levers was because the original levers used were too large and left no room for anymore levers within the mechanism. But having two levers was impractical because such locks were child’s play to pick.

Thankfully, technological advancement made it possible to make levers smaller and thus leave room for multiple levers within the mechanism. The more the levers, the higher the security.

What do Lever Tumbler Locks cost?

On the average, a Lever Tumbler can cost anywhere between £40 and £70. It all depends on the lock’s manufacturer, and the quality and number of levers within the locking mechanism. But that’s just the price for the lock. The cost of installing the lock is separate and is highly dependent of the locksmith in London given the job. Fortunately for you, our London locksmiths can offer you a great deal on installation of Lever Tumbler locks.

If you need a Lever Tumbler installed or repaired anywhere in London, we are available to serve you 24/7, all year round. We ensure all our installed locks have received necessary approval from all pertinent regulating bodies. We also only use brands of lever tumbler locks that we’ve tested and have come to trust during our years of experience providing locksmith solutions in London.

Are Lever Tumbler Locks Secure?

Because of the intricate nature of Lever Tumblers, they have to be perfectly engineered. The slightest error in its design can compromise its entire security capability. Because our establishment wants nothing more than to ensure your security and convenience, we only offer brands of Lever Tumbler Locks that we can vouch for to keep you safe.

Our expert locksmiths recommend lock brands such as Chubb who have developed a reputation for quality and reliability. Their Lever Tumblers are known to be manufactured with reinforced security and more complex lever systems.