Baldwin Locks

About Baldwin Locks

Baldwin Logo Painstakingly crafted and made from materials of exceptional quality, Baldwin locks boast impressive attention to detail. The brand has been around for 70 years, never failing to represent the charm, excellence, and peace of mind the brand has come to be associated with. Baldwin is considered one of the industry greats and is definitely one of the preferred brands in London.

How do Baldwin Locks work?

Recognised for their high quality and security, Baldwin mortise locks have working parts constructed of solid forged brass, crafted to be precise, tough and durable. Their locks are easy to install and any of their trims, levers, or turn knobs can be coupled with their Grade 1 mortise locks. This provides a flexibility that is useful for various commercial installations anywhere in London. Baldwin’s Estate Latch features a rotation of 28°, making operation easy and seamless. They feature anti-friction inserts that minimise strike plate scratches and allow for quiet closing. Their lever-strength latches are made with sturdy springs to counterbalance the exceptional strength of Baldwin levers.

Baldwin Locks Design

Baldwin has a tradition of quality and craftsmanship that sees the brand never compromising on the highest standards. Using the finest materials, all hardware are handcrafted into exquisite designs that are both attractive and durable. The brand offers a range of more than 20 unique finishes that range from brass, silver, and dark tones to smooth, matte, and textured finishes. You’ll find designer hardware to suit your tastes, whether it’s vintage and well-worn, or sleek and minimalist. Baldwin’s Couture Collection for one, draws inspiration from Greek and French architecture, Japanese furniture, and Faberge eggs.

What is the history of Baldwin Locks?

Baldwin’s legacy spans across four generations of skill and over sixty years of innovation. It all started with the Fayerman family moving to America after WWII. A year later in 1946, the family bought the Baldwin Tool and Die Company where they started making letter boxes stamped from sheets of brass, which were expected to be necessary in post-war building efforts. In 1948, the company began producing door knobs, first with metal, glass, and eventually, brass. From the start, they focused on crafting elegant products of the finest quality. In 1956, the company dropped casting and adopted forging as its new standard. Ever since, the company has continued to be at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

How much do Baldwin Locks cost?

Baldwin locks could cost anywhere from £14 for a deadbolt to over £350 for a double cylinder entry trim, excluding shipping costs.

How secure are Baldwin Locks?

Baldwin employs skilled artisans who make lovely hardware from raw brass using a timeless technique called heat forging. Unlike casting which is an easier forging method, heat forging demands meticulous attention to detail and extremely rigorous work. In turn, it leads to the creation of heavier, sturdier finished products. Baldwin finishes are coated with ultra-tough lacquer, making them exceedingly durable and resistant to wear and tear, perfect for optimal security.

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