About Padlocks

There is no way you haven’t seen at least one padlock in your lifetime. If you insist you haven’t, then you should know that a padlock is a portable and transferrable lock. It features a shackle that can be passed through a slot or opening to secure a property’s entrance.

Padlocks are a popular kind of detachable lock that are easily recognisable – you cannot mistake a padlock for anything else. Because of their portability and transferability, padlocks have been a favoured form of security since the times of ancient Egypt all the way to present day.

How do Padlocks work?

A padlock can be used to secure pretty much anything. The device is made up of three essential components; the shackle, the body, and the locking mechanism. Said locking mechanism is the heart and the brain of a padlock and it operates on a principle that’s very similar to a pin tumbler’s lock.

Looking at the insides of a padlock will reveal an upper and lower set of metal pins running down into the padlock’s cylinder. These metal pins are what come together to lock a padlock’s cylinder until the appropriate key is slotted in to free it.

Padlock’s Design

There are various types of padlocks in existence but their structural designs are mostly based on the same format. Every padlock our expert London have come across consist of a shackle, a body, and a locking mechanism.

  • Shackle: The shackle is the part of the padlock that’s curved like a “U”. When a padlock is opened, the shackle can freely slide up or down. But when it’s locked, the shackle becomes fixed into the padlock’s body and becomes unmoveable until freed with the appropriate key.
  • Body: A padlock’s body is what houses the shackle and the locking mechanism. It’s usually made of a durable material that makes it difficult to reach in and tamper with the padlock’s inner workings.
  • Locking Mechanism: A padlock’s locking mechanism can either be Modular or Integrated. The modular locking mechanism can be operated without the key, and only requires the key to unlock it. An integrated mechanism on the other hand cannot be operated without the key being in place. That is, if the key isn’t inserted, the lock can neither be closed nor opened.

What is the history of Padlocks?

Padlocks were used by ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, and other ancient civilizations.

It’s believed that padlocks were created as a means to protect the belongings of travellers while they journeyed. Now, padlocks are used to protect homes, properties and valuables all across London and the world.

History has it that the design for the modern day padlock was patented by Harry Soref in 1924 after he founded the Master Lock Company in the year 1921.

How much do Padlocks cost?

The price of a padlock is very much dependent on its brand, its strength, and its features. The primary material used in manufacturing the padlock also greatly influences its price. To protect your London home, we recommend you don’t sacrifice quality for cost. Cheaper padlocks are usually weaker and will leave you vulnerable to a break-in.

Examples of pricey padlocks we normally recommend to London users because of their strength and reliability are;

  • Ingersoll CS700: This pricey padlock’s core makes use of a lever locking system with ten levers to secure itself. This lock gets points for extra protection because its shackle is almost completely shrouded.
  • Evva MCS Shrouded Padlock: As at last check, this padlock’s cylinder is yet to be successfully picked.
  • Mul-T-Lock #13 C Series: This padlock was specifically designed to frustrate experts at picking locks. Its shrouded shackle also makes it difficult to force open
  • Abloy PL362: This padlock has been described as a fortress and its lock has also not yet been successfully picked or broken while engaged.
  • Sargent & Greenleaf 951C: This is a very secure military grade padlock that features an interchangeable core. This means you can easily upgrade its cylinder if you are dissatisfied with the already sturdy factory fitted one.

How secure are Padlocks?

Padlocks can play a major role in enhancing your home’s security. But it’s vital that you understand that the strength and effectiveness of a padlock is very dependent on its design and the material used to build it. Depending on your needs, our expert London locksmiths can recommend to you a reliable padlock that’ll best serve and protect you and your valuables.


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