RR Brink Locks

About RR Brink locks

RR Brink locks come in a wide variety of high security mechanical and electromechanical locks, with a complete line of products developed specifically for correctional institutions. The key market for RR Brink locks is detention facilities and places where attack and abuse resistance is a prime concern.

Other facilities that require sturdy, long lasting locks such as banks, offices, casinos, and museums are excellent candidates for RR Brink locks. RR Brink Locking Systems, Inc. set themselves apart with their eagerness to assist clients with the application and technical aspects of their products.

How do RR Brink locks work?

The RR Brink prison lock is an enormous mortise cylinder with a keyway almost large enough to fit 2 normal sized keys. The reason behind that is the greater amount of torque needed to get the lock open. Normally, the mortise cylinder is threaded, allowing it to be screwed into the lock. The mortise mounted locks can be keyed on one or two sides with a high security commercial mortise key cylinder or an RRBLS 6-pin tumbler Mogul cylinder. The key can only be removed when the bolt is completely retracted or deadlocked. This alerts the key holder to an obstruction of the bolt or perhaps, an attempted security breach. Not only are RR Brink locks great for high security facilities, but they are perfect for homes and offices in London where break-in and entry is a major concern.

RR Brink locks Design

RR Brink mechanical deadbolt locks are rugged, with the working parts, lock case, and front made of stainless steel to meet the demands of high security environments. Many of their mechanical deadbolts feature adjustable handling that is reversible according to the door swing. Also, they come with an armour front that can be adjusted to match the degree of door edge bevel. RR Brink electromechanical locks are more frequently used for prison cells. Crafted with a cylinder and mortise lock, the bolts system is built into the door, which is cut or drilled to make a cavity for the mortise lock.

What is the history of RR Brink locks?

RR Brink Locking Systems, Inc. was founded in 1976 and in 1978, began manufacturing the narrow jamb prison lock for swinging doors. In 1990, the company began to produce many more lock designs including sliding door models.

How much do RR Brink locks cost?

RR Brink locks cost between £6 and £50 for home lock systems.

How secure are RR Brink locks?

As expected from a brand that is well-known for manufacturing locks for high security facilities, RR Brink locks are highly secure. These locks are trusted for use in casinos, correctional institutions, banks, and other such establishments in London. To provide extra security, the locks specifically meant for high security purposes are made without master keys, significantly limiting the key control. Often recommended by locksmiths, RR Brink is a door lock brand that you can trust to keep your priced possessions and loved ones safe.

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