There are numerous types of gates and therefore the variety of different locks installed on these gates is in accordance. Manufactures of gates and grilles occasionally import their gate fixtures from abroad, a fact that could make it very difficult to find the right part when these need a replacement.

In many cases when you’re locked outside your gate and need the gate lock opened or replaced the best thing to do is to take a photo of the lock and email to a 24 hour locksmith service.



Gate Locking Services

Not every locksmith is specialized in gate locks. In order to save time and money it’s important to  choose a company that has previous experience with gates locks of all types. Opening a gate lock can be a difficult task too, as in many cases it means drilling through a metal plate that protects the lock, or may take special tools to handle the same. Changing a lock on a gate can also require

special tools and keys (such as special Helen keys) to remove the lock. Installation of gate locks can also be a complex task as it may include welding works that might again take certain knowledge that not every locksmith posses.


Security Grilles and Gates by Prime Alert

At Prime Alert we carry out professional security grilles and gate locks services. We offer gate lock openings, installations and replacements. We can provide you with the required solutions in fast and efficient manner. We’ve handled a huge number types of gate locks. Many times customers reach us after searching for a solution with other locksmiths that couldn’t provide a solution and we manage to help them out with the right solutions within their budget.

If you’re having a problem with a security gate/grilles lock, whether it’s getting the lock changed, unlocked or repaired, please don’t hesitate to contact us 24/7 on 02081332166 for consultation.




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