For best home security it’s important to install window security grilles and door gates. We’ve been dealing with security grilles and gates services throughout the Greater London for over a decade. The company’s professionals can advise both commercial and residential clients on the most cost-effective solutions to your needs.

To ensure your peace of mind always book a free on site inspection in advance. The survey is made at your convenience and should be followed by a detailed obligation free quotation. If quote is not emailed to you within 24 hours of the appointment you’d might want to contact the engineer and ask for speeding up the process. After getting the price you should also be informed of details about the time scales, scope of work, etc.

If you are looking for work by highly skilled security grilles fitters contact a professional company.


Security Grilles & Gates

At Prime Alert We provide wide range of security grilles services. The service is designed to provide reliable solutions to any security grilles installation, fitting and maintenance issue. Our security grilles engineers do also attend to on site queries about security grilles and gates. At an emergency we can help you in repair of any broken grille or gate at your location. One of our technicians can usually attend at your place within the hour.

From fixed metal security grilles to retractable gates, we have all that it takes to make your home sound and secured.

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Why Security Grilles

Security grilles and gates are the most efficient way to protect your property. Unlike other security systems they do not use only as a deterrent but actually form a physical obstacle between the burglar and your valuables. If you’re thinking of installing security grilles as protection to your home or office, you think right! A building without any bars installed offers an open invitation to any unwanted intruder.


Why Us

With over decade of superior experience in providing security grilles services we have done and seen it all. That also helped us in gaining a wide range of satisfied customers that can vouch for our conduct throughout the entire London area. Prime Alert bring the most robust security grilles and gates solutions to your doorstep. We deliver top quality skilled labor at every project undertaken and use only top quality products. If you thinking of hiring security experts, our friendly and professional team would also be delighted to advise you on any security upgrade you should make to your property aiming for the best cost effective solutions to save you time and money.


Things to consider

Security grilles are an essential and effective aspect in making your home burglar proof.
To get the best results and the desired security, it has to be selected, fitted and maintained properly. Strength, aesthetic appearance, durability, ease of maintaining and cost are factors that have to be looked into when selecting security grilles.
Whether it’s entrance to a house or a widow you’d like to secure, there is wide variety of choices. Options are ranging between a variety of still metal and collapsible security grilles. These can be fitted to meet various client needs that must take into account a host of variables. For instance, whether the grille is for an entrance or the structure of the window /door frame in question will influence the type of grille that is most suited. The type of grilles to be fitted will also influence the choice of the lock to be installed.


Retractable Security Grilles Vs Fixed Grilles

Strength and durability are key points that should be considered in selecting security grilles. Steel security grilles are used for front windows of homes and commercial establishments to provide high strength with added durability. They are easy to maintain and long lasting as well. In terms of strength fixed grilles tend to be the preferred option. They can be made in different shapes such as Victorian design to make the grilles looks better and so that they don’t make a place look like a prison cell. They can also be painted in different colors. In terms of design however retractable grilles and gates tend to be preferred by most costumers.

Retractable security grilles, also known as sliding, folding or collapsible security grilles are being a fairly durable option as well. They provide considerably more charming appearance to your property than still security and can slide to allow access for opening of a window or a door. They aren’t as solid as fixed security grilles but strong enough to protect your home if installed properly. Retractable security grille are available in anti-corrosion powder coated galvanized iron and ultra violet ray resistant PVC coatings to ensure that they last through different whether conditions. The grilles comes usually in white but can be painted in any color, to suit the decors, environments and preferences.


Estimates and Quotations

Talk to us for getting an obligation free site survey for your requirements of security grilles and gates.

For your convenience, a ballpark estimation figure can be provided after a discussion with our sales team over the phone. To do this however, we will require some information. This may include details about the order such as the measurements of the window/door frames, your address etc. If you’d like a quick quotation without having a site survey, please have those to hand when you contact us. Regardless the instant quotations a commitment free site survey followed by a free estimate is always and available option to you. We’ll only move forward with the job when you are educated on the scope of the project and the costs involved and happy to go ahead with the job. This takes away any possibility for bills taking customers by surprise. We can quote a rate that none can match and provide you with unparalleled quality of security grilles works.




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