Union Locks

Union Locks

Whether you live in London or any other part of the UK, security is always a key part of your home concern. Everybody wants to know that their household and belongings are safe at all times. One of the locks professional locksmiths usually recommend for home security is Union lock.

How Much Do You Know About Union Locks?

The UNION brand was originally a British lock company that was acquired by Swedish lock giants, ASSA ABLOY. The company owns 15+ hardware lock brands including Chubb, Besam, Mul-T-Lock and more.

The UNION brand produces locks specifically designed for professional locksmiths. Some examples of its products include mortice locks, Cylinder locks, padlocks, door closers to mention a few. One of its flagship brands, the Modular Lock Cases and Cylinders has established its presence in the industry as one of the most sought door lock mechanisms by professionals and homeowners alike.

The UNION brand boasts of three reasons for people to use its products, quality, reliability and expertise. Under the ASSA ABLOY brand its runs an office in the UK and Wales under the registration; No 2096505.

What is UNION Lock’s History?

Like most indigenous lock brands in the UK, UNION started as a family business in the 1840, in the popular Willenhall. Since its 1800s, Willenhall has been famous as the birthplace of lock brands in the UK.

UNION brand has an extensive range of lock products for both residential and business properties. It has a presence is in more than 80 countries. The quality locks are produced in England by well-trained team of engineers. The brand follows a systematic process that places quality and excellence at the forefront of its manufacturing.

To differentiate its brand from the number of copy-cats , UNION uses a distinctive ‘G’ mark as a complete guarantee of its quality product. Customers who purchase genuine UNION products are entitled to about 5 – 25 years’ warranty depending on the type of lock.

Secured by Design is a UK police initiative that ensures residents of London use trusted locks to protect their home. UNION locks are approved by the police as one of the most reliable, impenetrable lock brands homeowners can use to keep off crime.

What is the UNION Locks Design?

As mentioned, the UNION brand manufactures its products with principles that place originality and expertise as a priority. The flagship Mortice Locks have a suitable architectural specification and home use. The 4 ranges include:

  • The professional range– combines Aptus2 contract and 2C2 architectural mortice lock
  • The Classic range– quality for mortice applications
  • C-Series range– contains BS 5 lever and detainer locks
  • The Essential range

How Do UNION Locks Work?

UNION locks are made with an extensive range of key contraptions, for quality, security and function. Two of the major lock functions include the latch and deadlock. While the deadlock operates with a bolt that can be moved into locking and unlocking positions with a key, the sliding latch is easily thrust in place by gentle pressure.

How Secure is a UNION Lock?

UNION locks are undeniably one of the strongest lock systems out the, providing homeowners with cylindrical locks that have anti-snapping and anti-breaking capacities.

How Much Do UNION Locks Cost?

All UNION locks differ in security-level and function. While a common UNION 1026 Cylinder Night Latch retails for £38, a Marston 4K Mortice Deadlock costs £100.


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