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This page is not intended to act as an alternative to calling a locksmith that specialize with upvc doors and is for informational purposes only. If you experience problems with your UPVC door and are not familiar with upvc door locking mechanisms it’s recommended to call a upvc door locksmith  and to do not extract the locking mechanism by yourself

There are several different manufacturers that make UPVC door locks and mechanisms. Whilst there are many different variants and designs, they all work using the same essential principle

The kind of lock known as a “multi point locking mechanism” is not unique to UPVC doors: it also sometimes features on wooden composite doors. When this device malfunctions in the closed and locked position, then it can lead to other issues.

Usually there are telltale signs that the system is going to malfunction. Try to call in help before it fails entirely. If you wait until it has broken before contacting a locksmith then the surrounding frame may also be damaged during the repair and lead to increased costs.


Locksmith Services for Upvc Doors


Clues that the system may be beginning to fail include:

  • The handle becoming difficult to operate. It may need additional pressure at the end of the turn(while you lift it).
  • The lock is not functioning properly, becoming stiff or making a “click” sound.
  • The handle becomes wobbly and loose or spins completely.

These indications can point to a number of different things. Hopefully, the problem is something relatively simple such as the door alignment has been knocked slightly. But it could be a more serious issue where one or more of the moveable internal parts has frozen up or broken. Or possibly the problem is within the locking cylinders. We would also advise that you contact a professional UPVC locksmith as soon as possible after you notice problems arising to avoid mounting costs.




How A Multipoint Lock Works

Multipoint locks usually work in identical ways, no matter how many locking points it may have and what type they are. They could be simple rollers, large hooks and bolts or a combination of the two types. Mechanisms in which you need to lift the handle that activates the locking points operates are the most frequently used mechanisms. In these types of system the entire mechanism is locked into place while enables a simple turn of the key in the cylinder to lock and unlock the upvc door.

Emergency UPVC door lockout

If you’re locked outside of your property and need a upvc door lock opened you might have to contact a 24 hour locksmith that specialize in UPVC door locks as these type of locks are not always easy to unlock and drilling a upvc door lock wrong could lead to changing the whole mechanism, an option that will cost you much more.

Please note: It could be that if your locking system is in excess of ten years old, it may now be obsolete entirely. Many manufacturers have changed the way their products are made or stopped production altogether, meaning that locking mechanism may sometimes no longer be obtainable. If your lock fails and you need an entirely new locking system, it will inevitably be a more complex and costly job since a new one will need to be individually made to suit the purpose.

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