UPVC door problems are common and could be caused due to various reasons.

Here you’ll find all about the causes of issues in UPVC door/window systems, and how, in some cases, you may be able to repair them by DIY, but please note:

Problems with UPVC doors and windows can be tricky to fix by yourself.

For the majority of you who don’t have the knowledge, tools or time to deal with fixing your door/window, the ideal solution will be to call a locksmith that specialises in UPVC doors.

The London Locksmiths has dedicated UPVC door locksmiths who can help you with the repair of any UPVC problem 24/7.

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If you’re having an issue with the lock, locking mechanism or handles of a UPVC door, it is also advised to get the problem fixed asap. These conditions will eventually lead to a jammed shut door, which might leave you locked outside of your home and add to the cost of work.


Having a Problem With Your UPVC Door & Window? We Can Help You Fix It. 

Below are common types of UPVC door and window problems we deal with daily. You can contact us 24/7 if you are experiencing any of these:

  • · Door or Lock Is Jammed.
  • · Key goes into the lock but won’t turn.
  • · Key turns in the lock, but the lock won’t open.
  • · Can’t lift the handle to keep the door shut.
  • · Can lift the handle but the door won’t shut.
  • · Mechanism is sticking.
  • · Door won’t lock.
  • · Broken key in the lock.
  • · Faulty door locking mechanism.
  • · Problem with handles.
  • · Broken or faulty cylinder.
  • · Faulty window locking mechanism
  • · Window lock issue
  • · Window won’t open, close or lock.
  • · Window lock Handle is faulty or won’t work.
  • · An outdated locking mechanism needs an upgrade.

Our locksmiths are skilled in fixing any type of locking issue and replacing any type of locking system including those of patio, wooden, composite and UPVC doors. We can help you with the opening, repair, and replacement of UPVC:

  • Door & Window Mechanism.
  • Jammed doors and windows.
  • Multipoint Lock.
  • Cylinder Lock.
  • Door Handles.
  • Door Hinges.
  • Misaligned Doors (Realign doors).

By calling a UPVC locksmith you won’t only be saving time and hassle on trying to fix the problem but also reduce the risk of costly damages that could be caused due to inexpert work.

Your Local UPVC Door Locksmiths in London

We’ve been around for more than a decade and have helped thousands of people in London with fixing UPVC doors and windows.

Our goal is to help people quickly go about their day after receiving a speedy, top quality service at the market’s best price.

Our locksmiths will come to your aid equipped with all the tools, locks, parts and skills it takes to solve any UPVC system issue right away. In situations where your door is fitted with a unique locking system, our locksmiths can fit a temporary replacement mechanism to lock your door while they’ll be heading to get you a suitable system for your specific door needs.

When you hire a UPVC door locksmiths through here, your satisfaction from the work and service is guaranteed.

UPVC Doors – Things you should know

UPVC doors, locks, and mechanisms are made by many different manufacturers. The designs of doors may be different by one supplier to another any but the locking mechanisms of almost all uPVC doors work using the same principle.

Most UPVC doors will consist of a multiple point locking mechanism and the idea behind this locking system is similar; The mechanism inside the door operates 3 hooks or pins that are moving using the door handles to hold the door shut. Once you lift the door handle the hooks are engaged in a positing that enables the mechanism to “lock” the system using a cylinder lock (w/wo a bolt), that is operated with a key.

The sizes and part of multipoint mechanisms may vary between different systems, which could add to the challenge of repairing UPVC doors. That’s also why it’s often best to seek out the help of a locksmith when having issues with a UPVC door.

Multi-point locking mechanisms are also not unique to UPVC doors. They can be found on wooden and composite doors as well.

Understanding when a UPVC door mechanism is starting to fail is crucial for having the chance of fixing the issue before it gets completely broken.

Once the locking systems fail entirely, the door will get jammed shut and opening it might cause further damages to the door or frame leading to higher costs.

To save yourself from a lockout take action to fix the door in time. 

Clues that the mechanism is starting to fail

Issue with the handles

· When the handle becomes stiff.
· When additional pressure is needed when you lift the handle, at the end of the turn.
· The handle is turning completely or is becoming loose.


Issues with the lock or mechanism

· When the lock is becoming stiff.

· When the lock is making a “click” sound.

· When the lock is turning completely.

· When there’s a new, unusual behaviour or sound coming from any part of the mechanism.

These signs could often indicate a more serious problem, where the reason is parts inside the mechanism that are broken.

You may also have problems with the doors that aren’t related to the mechanism.

Issues with the door

· The door is jammed.

· It’s difficult to open or close the door.

· The door starts to feel shaky.

Issues with the door will most likely won’t leave you locked out completely and could be easy or hard to fix.

Simpler problems could be when the door alignment has gone slightly off on the lock side or when hinges just require a bit of tightening.

More difficult ones are when the door is having serious alignment issues or when hinges require a more complex repair.

How to Fix Faults in UPVC Doors by Yourself

If you don’t have the right knowledge or equipment there’s only so much you can do.

The situations where you might consider doing it yourself are when the problem is simple. Which could happen when the door is open and:

· The key keeps turning completely in the lock but the lock won’t retract the mechanism. 

In this case, you can try replacing the cylinder and see if that fixes the problem.

· You’re having any issue with the handles 

In this case, you can take off the handles and try to place them back or replace them. If the handle is the only thing that’s broken this will fix the issue.

· The door is misaligned due to an issue with the hinges 

In this case, you can try to tighten the hinges screws with a screwdriver. Use slightly bigger screws if the current one already turns loose in their holes.

If it’s an emergency, when the door is locked and you happen to have the right tools, there is one more method called a cylinder snapping that you can try to get the door open.

On a note: This is not something we’d recommend doing by yourself, because not getting this right you could damage the mechanism which will lead to a more complex repair and increased costs.

If you decide to still try that here is how it’s done:

  1. Using mole grips you’ll need to snap the cylinder.
  2. By inserting a screwdriver to the mechanism you’ll need to pull back the part that keeps the mechanism locked.
  3. Open the door using the handle’s spindle (by grabbing and turning it open with the mole grips/the handle)

In any other event, repairing issues of UPVC doors could be a complicated task where you’d better call a professional locksmith that deals with UPVC doors.  

Are you locked out? Need emergency help with any UPVC door issue in London now? 

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