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Why Banham lock for your door?

Banham lock is the ideal security device for your door.

Every door need a lock and Banham patent locks are among the most secured wooden door locks in the world.


Banham locks are not only highly secured but also come in a variety of prestigious designs. Locks made by Banham are well designed with a finish that adds value to the overall appearance of your door. Being such a familiar brand, the appearance of Banham locks also works well as a deterrent against potential burglars. Anyone that stumble upon a Banham lock can easily tell that must be one very secured lock.


Banham security products offer a wide range of locks to help protecting your home and office. Banham most popular high security door locks are rim cylinders and mortice locks which are known in their security advantages. A new Banham Mortice Deadlock (e.g. the M2002), would make the task of breaking into your property extremely difficult; even for most experienced locksmith.

On a note: There are old and new Banham lock series. Since “old Banham” type of locks are less secured than their new versions, always make sure you get a lock from most recent series and the one that is most suitable for your door.

Our Banham lock fitting and replacement services are available throughout the entire London 24/7. For further advice on which Banham lock would best meet your door and home security requirements feel free to contact us now at 02082266866.

Why Banham lock might not be for you?

With all security and appearance advantages there is one factor that should be taken into account when looking at getting a new Banham lock – That’s right, the prices.

Being of the best door locks in the market Banham locks comes with a bit of a price tag. If you’re looking to invest nothing but the basics on your home security or wish to save money on your new lock, Banham lock isn’t probably the option for you.

If you do still choose to invest in the protection of your home and loved ones with the fitting of new Banham locks, keep on reading…

With Our Banham Lock & Key Services You Can Expect:

  • Fast replacement of Banham locks and keys.
  • Technician at your door within 30 min.
  • 24 Hour service availability.
  • Banham lock cylinder replacement.
  • Banham lock installations.
  • Licensed and insured locksmith service.
  • Bespoke door solutions. Wide variety of doors.
  • Local Banham lock specialists near you.
  • Top ranked service by wide audience of clients.
  • Fair and affordable prices.
  • 12-month work guarantee..
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Friendly and attentive customer service from finish to end and long time after.

What our Customers are saying..

Protect your property against burglary

Secure your doors with Banham patent locks

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Save up-to 15% on any additional installation.

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Why to hire our Banham lock fitters?

Instant Response

If you’ve experienced a burglary or need a quick lock replacement your property needs an instant remedy. From here you’ll get fast and professional responses every time you call.

Available 24/7. Anywhere in London.

It might get really difficult to find someone to fit a Banham lock in your area; especially when it’s in unusual hours when Banham stores are closed and there’s nowhere to source the locks from.

The good news is;

1. Our expert locksmiths store Banham locks in their mobile vans and can deliver them to you 24/7, to anywhere in London.

2. The locksmiths can first try to fix your Banham lock and only replace it if necessary or if you wish.

3. Super-fast response, professional conduct and affordable prices are always part of our service.

Home Security Hardware

Whether of Banham or not, we can help you with additional installation of different security devices. From the installation of doors to the replacement of most basic locks we do it all.

Get the benefit of saving on any additional installation up to %15 of the project’s rate. More about our locksmith services find here.

Peace of mind knowing you are all covered

IBe assured of keeping your property and tenants safe with the help of London’s best team of locksmiths and security experts. We are familiar with all aspects of residential and commercial security. All of our services are insured with a sufficient public liability insurance and are backed up by top standards of qualifications.

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