There are many different types of locks and different brands of locks that are used for doors at homes and businesses. Knowing which type of lock you need and which type of lock you have on your doors is good to know in case you need them serviced, opened or fitted.

Let’s look at a few brands and styles and discuss how they work.

Yale Locks

Yale locks are normally refers to standard wooden door locks but Yale is actually a brand that has locks that are compatible with more types of doors such as aluminum doors and UVPC doors. They are the most popular locks on the market. They utilize Rim cylinders, which is a specific type of deadbolt that is attached with screws on the outside of the door and contains a case with a latch on the inside of the house and a rimed shaped cylinder with a key hole on the outside.

Chubb Locks

This brand name usually refers to a deadlock case that is installed fully in the inside the door while it’s 20 mm wide bolt goes into the door’s frame in parallel to where the deadlock is installed. It is operated with a long old traditional style key and on the door surface where this type of lock is installed you may sometimes see a small round key hole cover that will show the brand’s name(not necessarily). Chubb type locks (that are now sold as Union locks) are of the highest standard BS3621 locks, met to increase security for residential and commercial property. Like Yale rim lock this locking system can be used with one key that works on all doors and/or with an electronic keyless entry method.

Rim Locks

Rim Locks are cylinders with a tale that operates a latch on the opposite side of your door(usually referred to as Yale cylinders). They are most popular with internal doors and sheds or gates. With some rim locks key will work from both sides of the lock and with some only from the outside. The locks are useable for both left and right-sided doors.


This is a lock that has a bolt that slides into the frame (also referred to as Chubb locks) and cannot be opened by sliding a card into the door frame (sometimes even picking a deadlock can take all night). A double deadlock has key access on both sides. This is also one of the best locks against burglars and prevents them from leaving your home if they broke into your home through a window they can’t carry anything out the front door without the key. Most home insurance companies would require this type of locking system as a mandatory clause for your property to be covered by insurance.


Many insurance companies require a secure sturdy locking mechanism on both doors and windows to protect your home and their insurance claim ability. Locks are the most basic concept for keeping people out of your house and protecting you from would be intruders. If you feel it’s necessary to have more than one lock make sure you do some research and find the locks that best fit your needs or get the advice of a reliable locksmith. It’s always best to have at least 2 locks installed such as standard rim lock and a 5 lever British Standard deadlock. This aids in added protection for your safety and the safety of your stuff.

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