The hardware for your door is an extension of your home décor. It is also a major point of your home security. To improve your home security, start by choosing the best door locks.

Traditionally safe neighborhoods still experience their fair share of burglaries, as thieves become ever smarter about the homes they target. This explains why many homeowners are upgrading their security to include advanced high-security locks to prevent burglars from raiding their homes.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Door Lock?

The Type of Lock

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ lock. Some locks are designed for specific buildings and doors. Therefore, when choosing a door lock, consider your door and the purpose of installation. Two great options for front door security include mortise and tubular lock systems. Tubular locks are easier to install while mortise locks offer higher security for your front door.

A tubular latch has less structural strength to resist a burglar who kicks in the strike plate or hits it with a heavy object. Mortise locks are much stronger, tamper-proof, fitted with quality euro cylinders and have a lifetime warranty.

Deadbolt Locks

Most locksmiths will tell you that a deadbolt is the most popular choice for residential homes. There’s been a lot of debate over which type of deadbolt is better – vertical dead locks or horizontal dead locks. Older days most locks where made horizontal while these days they tend to be vertical. BS signature on the lock is basically the best indication to whether the lock is high security.

Choose a Cylindrical Deadbolt Lock

A double cylinder deadbolt requires double-key on the inside and outside to prevent an intruder who’s thinking of breaking the window to open the door from the inside. The affordable option is the single cylinder deadbolt. It works best when you have a tight budget for home security. Use this option only where there are no windows close to the door, as well as metal doors or wooden doors without glass.

Consider Function

The functions of a door lock include passage, privacy and entry. For which type of door will the lock be used? This helps determine the level of security, endurance and strength the lock will possess. For high traffic areas like a bathroom, you’ll need a door lock that will go the distance, while for the front door, a Grade 3 security lock is appropriate.

Lock Grading For UK Doors

BS EN 12209 uses an 11-digit coding system. Digit one has three categories of use.

Grade 1 locks: for low traffic areas, where you have to be careful when using the lock. Such locks should be installed in areas with minimal chance of misuse, such as closet doors and internal doors in residential homes.

Grade 2:  for doors where there is chance of misuse- for example, medium traffic areas such as bedroom doors and personal office doors.

Grade 3:  endurance doors that receive high traffic; examples include bathroom doors, entry doors and public doors.

Features To Look For in a Lock Cylinder

Each door type (front door, garage door, internal door and others) has different security features. Did you know that some locks have special features built into them, such as anti-bump and anti-pick? These features provide improved security for your home.

Cylinder pins: Locks with more pins are harder to drill, pick or bump. The more pins on a lock, the greater the security.

Anti-drill cylinders: with anti-drill cylinders, you’ll enjoy higher levels of drill protection, including hardened steel pins and ceramic plates. It’s almost impossible to drill a lock with these features in place.

Anti-bump cylinders: burglars create a special key to manipulate the lock pins on your door. There’s no sign of forced entry and it’s easy and quick for them to gain access to your flat or home. Anti-bump cylinders are uniquely configured to prevent manipulation. It works with almost every deadbolt and helps in situations where you’re living as a group and don’t want to change your deadbolt lock.

Anti-pick cylinders: You’ve probably heard of burglars who are skilled at picking any type of lock. An anti-pick cylinder takes care of that problem with special lock pins.

Features to Look For in a Smart Lock

When choosing a smart lock, consider options that align with your home automation plans and lifestyle. The smart lock should be compatible with other security technology in your home and you should be able to control it with your smart home hub and Smartphone. Modern smart locks feature a remote access, where you can observe the lock from another location. Two major questions to answer are: what job will the lock perform and which features will offer the best result?

Does the Door Lock Have Key Control?

This is an extremely important factor to consider when buying a door lock for premium home security. Lock manufacturers now offer door keys that can’t be copied with any locksmithing technology.

When you give spare keys for your home to friends, you place trust in them. Sometimes, your keys fall into the hands of the wrong people, with bad motives. We’ve heard stories of maids, mechanics and caregivers who made copies of the homeowner’s key without permission. Don’t fall victim to this. They won’t be able to copy the keys with the right lock.

Which Manufacturer Offers The Best Door Lock in The UK?

Abloy: Abloy was invented by Emil Henriksson in 1907. The UK company offers products for home security, using state-of-the-art security technology. Products include padlocks, electric locks, smart locks, door operators, door cylinders and door closers.

Yale: When most people think of lock design, Yale is the first name that comes up. One of the oldest brands in the world, they are famous for creating the popular cylinder pin-tumbler lock and have created other systems from digital door locks, alarms, CCTV systems, smart locks and other security gadgets for your home.

Other door lock UK companies include ASEC, UNION and Mul-T-Lock.


Most of these locks require the services of a professional locksmith. Find out if your locksmith can properly install the lock without causing damage to the door. You can ask your locksmith to evaluate your door and recommend a door lock that provides enhanced security and fits the overall style of your home.

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