If you are seeking a contemporary style lock with reliable security features, the ASEC lock is perfect for your home and office security. The professional team at Prime Alert Locksmith in London have helped residents in London set up their own ASEC door locks, latches and even smart locks. If you need more reason to add ASEC to your home security, please read on.

What is it About ASEC Locks?

One thing that makes ASEC stand out is the production of quality yet affordable security systems for residential and commercial buildings in the UK. Among its range of products include Sash-locks, Rim Night Latches, Mortice Deadlocks and Smart Door Locks.

ASEC is a British company set up in the heart of Manchester. With innovation and quality as its guiding principles, it aims to enhance its offerings so that UK residents can feel more secure in their offices and homes.

The ASEC brand is deeply driven by technology and is a major manufacturer of access control entry for industrial and commercial buildings. Organisations can use ASEC’s smart locks to protect its high-level clearance areas.

What is the History of ASEC?

ASEC is a relatively young company compared to other centuries-old established lock giants in the security industry. At 14 years old, the lock brand has already accomplished a lot for its age. Founded in Manchester, in 2003, ASEC makes up in form and function what it lacks in history.

ASEC is renowned among top security experts as the company that manufactures quality security products. Locksmiths, ironmongery experts and security agencies often refer their clients to the ASEC brand. The company is one of UK’s fastest growing security companies and partners with industry suppliers to deliver security products all over the country.

As authorised dealers for ASEC products, we provide a range of home and commercial locks with lasting warranty

What is the ASEC Lock Design?

Despite its limited existence, ASEC boasts of having more than 1,900 different quality products. The standard ASEC product is formidable in design and efficiency. Its cylinder locks are available:

  • Euro design
  • Oval design
  • Rim design
  • Screw-In design
  • Specialist design

Euro profile cylinders are available in British Standard 3 Star, 1 star, 6 Pin and 5 Pin. Unlike some locks, all the specifications come with a tough cylinder core that is resistant to bumping and breaking.

How Does an ASEC Work?

The standard Euro Double Cylinder, the 70mm Kite Elite has the 3 Star Kite-mark that signifies exceptional design and durability. The anti-bumping and anti-pick feature guarantees an impenetrable protection for your home. In addition, each type of lock has a 6-pin BSI Kitemarked mechanism.

How Secure is an ASEC Lock?

The brand makes locks for different situations. From high security locks for research laboratories to home locks and small bicycle padlocks. Each type is built to keep away intruders. The security therefore ranges from high to low depending on the situation.

How Much Do ASEC Locks Cost?

ASEC locks may vary from easily affordable keyless locks costing £30.47. Basic 5-Pin Euro Double Cylinder starting at £16.60 RRP.

Do you live in London? Prime Alert Locksmiths can provide you with a complete prices list.


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